Multifunctional Spare Room – Interior Design Tips

Need some Interior design ideas for your spare bedroom? Not got a huge amount of space? 

Carry on reading for some tips on how to create a multifunctional room that looks great but is practical and functional to your lifestyle at the same time.

I have just bought a new build house, and whilst it has 3 bedrooms, the size of the 2 spare bedrooms are not huge. At first I thought of having a double bed in one of the spare rooms, but then I thought, why waste a room with a bed taking up most of the space when it'll only be used 5% of the time! It just doesn't make sense. So I have found myself too-ing and fro-ing about what to do with both rooms!

The things that I am going to need/would like are as follows :-

  • Extra Storage for shoes/ bags / clothes ( i.e dressing room!!!!!!!!)
  • Somewhere for guests to sleep
  • Office Desk and Bookcase so Rob can work on his lesson plans
  • 2nd Tv room, so I can stick Rob up there if he wants to watch football or play COD! At least I don't have to deal with it then haha

I've been told by Rob that we are not having a dressing room because we need an office more, there is my dream gone in a flash! So... I've told him he's not getting Sky Sport's hehe. But then I thought why can't we combine a few things in one room and that will solve all arguments!

I'm sure you're thinking, how are you supposed to fit all of those things in 2 small rooms without it looking like a jumbled overcrowded mess! Well the answer is... It IS possible. It may not be easy but you can achieve it. You just have to be clever and choose pieces of furniture that are a bit more versatile and multifunctional.

I have decided to have a day bed in one of the rooms along with a wardrobe and a chest of drawers that can be used for a TV to sit on top of. I don't like the idea of the sofa bed looking too much like a standard sofa, I prefer the day bed options where they are more simple, that way they won't look as cluttered in a small room. See below for one I have found on


I really like this one because it works out like a proper double sized bed when fully open, whilst a lot of other sofa beds work out just a bit bigger than a single and don't ideally sleep two. All you need to do is throw a mattress topper on and some sheets and voila! You can chuck loads of cushions at the back and a nice throw over it for when it is closed so you can use it as a sofa, and because it doesn't have big arms and a back, it won't look over powering within a small room. I think this one is definitely onto a winner.


There are some day beds that also have drawers underneath for that extra bit of storage, Ikea has some great ones and don't break the bank. With it being a spare room I'm not too bothered about getting top quality furniture, I'd rather spend most of my money on the main area's like the living and dining room.

Ikea Day Bed 2

Ikea Day Bed3I have had a scour through Pinterest and found some great images of finished rooms that include the day bed idea. See below for what I have found!


Now the sofa/bed option is just one area of how you can have two functions in one piece of furniture. You just need to use your imagination and think outside the box. The storage element of a room is an interesting one to look at and I will do my next post on that!

Which day bed do you like best?

Natalie x

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