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I have just moved into my new house recently, and as a first time buyer I wasn't really up to speed with knowing exactly what you need for your kitchen or even where to buy it! I did  a lot of research into the best kitchen products out there and also at the best prices, but even when I'd done all my research AND written a HUGE list with everything I could possibly need, I would still find there were things that I didn't have.

This resulted in quite a few annoying and awkward situations. To name a couple, on a Friday night we decided to have a nice bottle of wine and realised we didn't have a cork screw!!  So we attempted to screw a screw into the cork and pull it out with some pliers but that failed , we also realised we didn't have a heat protecting mat to put hot things on from the oven and ended up with a few near disasters of too many things on the hob falling off! I could reel off a list of things we forgot to buy but that will probably bore you.

In light of my personal experience I decided to create a kitchen essential checklist for first time buyers. I have also put together some photo's of the kitchen appliances, storage solutions and products I ended up buying along with where I bought them from too 🙂 Hopefully this will help you if you are moving house soon! Click on the link below to open up the checklist that you can print off.

Kitchen Essentials Checklist - Little Ones Blog

Tip: Think Ahead. Start buying things 6 months before you are planning on moving / buying a house and get things bit by bit. Your kitchen will probably be one of the most expensive things you spend your money on because there are so many things you need and it all mounts up. Normally stores have sales on at certain times of the year like just after Christmas or around Easter and you can often get things for up to 70% off. Also if you buy things out of season you can get good deals eg. buying garden furniture in autumn.

Now I thought I'd share with you the appliances, products and storage solutions that I ended up buying and also where I bought them from. Take a sneak peek in my cupboards below! IMG_0011 I bought this 65 piece 'Amefa' cutlery set from Debenhams in the January sale. It was reduced from £200 to £60. This set is brilliant, you get 10 of every knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, dessert spoon and fork, 3 serving spoons, and a salad serving set. It's great for when you have guests and also when there is only 2 of us it is ideal when we are filling the dishwasher slowly (you always have a constant supply of knives and forks). They have some great offers at the moment so it is worth taking advantage of them. IMG_0012Tesco often do offers where if you spend a certain amount of money, you get a sticker. 5 stickers allow you to get a big discount off a certain product. I took advantage of the Thomas Kitchen knives offer and ended up getting 70% off all these knives. They ended up just over £30 for all of them. They are really good knives too (really sharp). I've only ever had experience of cheap knives (as a student) where they veer off at an angle when cutting! To reassure you, these ones don't cut wonky!IMG_0013I bought this Morphy Richards kettle from John Lewis for £35. I love the style and I love the colour purple! I have used purple as an accent colour throughout the kitchen and living room.IMG_0014This Morphy Richards toaster is also from John Lewis for £35.IMG_0015I bought this 'Meyer' pan and frying pan set from Debenhams in the January sale also! It was reduced from £180 down to £48. Meyer is probably one of the better brands on the market, it is worth investing in a good set of pans!IMG_0016These cutting boards are 'Joseph Joseph' called chop to pot, from Tk Maxx. You can fold them so it makes it much easier to put whatever you've cut into your pan. It is a really good brand and Tk Maxx often have odd Joseph Joseph products for a lot cheaper. I think I ended up getting about 30% off these.IMG_0017This tray rack is from Lakeland. Lakeland has some amazing kitchen products. They are little bit pricier but really good quality. It's worth spending a bit more money on things for your kitchen because they will last. It allows you to utilise your cupboard space much better and stops the trays falling over when you are trying to get them out.IMG_0018This 'Variera' white shelf insert is from Ikea for £3. It allows you to divide your cupboards up to make pans easier to access.IMG_0019I bought most of my utensils from Tk Maxx. They are all good quality ones for like 50% off. This utensil holder is actually a wine cooler from Homebase! It was £6.99 reduced from £13.99.IMG_0020 I love Pantone Mugs and I am building up my collection gradually. I wanted to inject a bit of colour into my kitchen so it was bright and fun! I bought some of these from Heals in Redbrick Mill, but my friend bought one for me as a moving in present from John Lewis.

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