I never thought I’d ever get Green Fingers!

It's funny how as you enter different periods in your life, your priorities completely change. At the age of 18 I never thought that I would ever enjoy doing gardening. I believed that it was only a hobby for mature individuals drawing their pension because they had nothing better to do! And here I am at the age of 27 spending a Tuesday night googling plants, sheds and garden accessories... oh just kill me now.

Hello Spring

So it is now Spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we are all in a good mood! Now is the time that everyone starts to think about sprucing their homes and gardens up ready for the summer. I have recently received my new garden furniture and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast whilst relaxing in the garden for the first time since we moved into our home a whole year ago. 23rd April was the day we got the keys last year and I can't believe it is nearly that date again - time really does fly.

We have got some little projects on the go - one of which is 'Project Shed'! We have an odd shaped gap behind the garage which doesn't fit a square shed, so we have decided to build one to fit the space perfectly. See below some photo's of the progress so far!

I am currently on the hunt for garden accessories, plants and nice little pots that will make the garden look  more homely and inviting. Due to having a busy schedule I don't want to have a high maintenance garden, so for now we are going to put wood chip around the border of the grass. Eventually, we will buy shrubbery and low maintenance plants that flower all year round. I have a tendency to kill plants... either not watering them enough or watering them too much!

Below: Ceanothus, Hebe, Spiraea and Weigela Plant (Low maintenance plants that can be bought on www.yougarden.com)

If you want to start your garden but haven't got the tools, or you know someone who loves gardening ; I have found the perfect glove and watering can set in Marks and Spencer! These Botanical Garden Gloves are only £15 and so is the Botanical Garden Watering Can - a bargain gift!

See below for some of my favourite garden accessories, furniture and lighting that I have sourced, some of which have only just been released this Spring.

Resources - Click on links below to be directed to each website

Catania Garden Furniture Set - Made.com £599

Wicker Lantern Set - The White Company £25 (NEW)

Habitat Deck Chairs - £50 (15% off all outdoor furniture - Code: OUTDOOR15)

Petra Mosaic Bistro Set - John Lewis - £299

Festoon Lights - Cox and Cox - £35 (NEW) (20% off your first order - Code: INTRO120)

Birch Effect Planters, Set of 3 - Cox and Cox £125 (NEW) (20% off your first order - Code: INTRO120)

Copper Planters , Set of 2 - Cox and Cox £75 (NEW) (20% off your first order - Code: INTRO120)

Aged Zinc Planters, Set of 3 - Cox and Cox £60 (20% off your first order - Code: INTRO120)

Slatted Zinc Lantern - Cox and Cox £45 (NEW) (20% off your first order - Code: INTRO120)

Natalie xx

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