A day of reflection… So many changes in the past year!

I've just got home from work , first day back after a crazy weekend in Essex for a hen do ... need my bed immediately! Whilst waiting for my pulled pork to be ready in the oven I decided to have a look on LinkedIn and I discovered a blog post from an old friend that I used to work with in Nuovo Living. It was about taking a leap of faith and leaving her job to pursue a career in London into the unknown... She left her job without another to go to. Read it here

It made me reflect on all the changes that have happened in my life over the past year and it made me feel really happy; happy that I have come through the most stressful year ever having done exactly the same thing.

In May last year I was told that I was losing my job... Exactly a week after I got the keys to my new house. In a second, the most exciting life experience turned into the most terrifying thing ever.

What am I going to do? How will I pay the mortgage? Will I ever get another good job again? 

These were all the questions running through my mind and to make things ten times worse, the next week I was a bridesmaid for my sisters Wedding, with LOTS of menu's, seating plans, name tags and order of services to make for 120 odd people.

Why now?! Why me?! Life has a good way of giving you a load of grief at the wrong time! 

So back to the point... I luckily managed to get a job in Interior Design working for a leading company in Manchester and Bolton. But the travel, aswell as the new responsibilities of having a house, along with the long hours and new challenges in work, got the better of me and I was just too exhausted to do anything. 

I was so unhappy. I didn't have the time or energy to look for another job closer to home. I panicked I wouldn't be able to get another job. If it wasn't for Rob encouraging me to leave then I would probably still be there now stuck on the M62 creeping along the motorway at 10 miles an hour. I probably would be on sleeping pills. We probably would have split up because I was so miserable all the time. I probably would have had a nervous breakdown! 

I finally took a leap of faith and handed my notice in just before Christmas. Without another job to go to. Some people would think you stupid stupid girl! But on reflection it was the best thing I ever did.  I'll be honest with you... I sat at home for weeks sulking in the depths of winter feeling sorry for myself and I was so scared about the future. But luckily I managed to get a job pretty much straight away... It was the worst paid job I have ever been in. Not even minimum wage. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards though! 

I spent every day looking for a job that I wanted, although it was pretty hard. I didn't know what job I wanted. I didn't know what direction to go in but I'm glad I was determined and didnt give up! 

I am now working for a good company, with good prospects and I am really happy. One thing I have learnt is money doesn't buy you happiness and you can turn your life around even when you think there is no hope!

I just wanted to say to people who are unhappy in their jobs; don't waste your life going to work miserable because life is short and you spend most of your day there. Take a risk, take a leap of faith just like I did and take control of your life. Only you can make it happen and if you work hard and put your mind to it, you can do anything you want.

Hope that this gives people worried about their future a bit of hope.  Everything I have ever done has come from hard work and determination. So if you work hard and take chances then anything is possible 🙂

Natalie x

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