Green is the new Black – Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution Challenge

Green is the new Black.

Green is the new black

There is a revolution in environmentally friendly design. Designers are now looking for eco-friendly ways of solving today's problems. Companies are going Green with the way they operate, the products they use and the products they create.

National Recycling Week

As part of National recycling week from 22nd- 25th June, Gumtree are hosting a National up-cycling campaign to coin National up-cycling day on 24th June. Along with 20 other bloggers, I have been given the challenge to up-cycle a piece of furniture bought from Gumtree with a budget of £100. The project aims to encourage people to breathe new lease of life into previously loved belongings and encourage creativity.

What better way to be kind to the environment, than to re-use something old for your home?

Snazzy event with Cocktails and Canapés 

I have carefully selected a piece of furniture to buy through Gumtree and I will be collecting it tomorrow from Salford. I'm so excited to get started and my brain is exploding with ideas!

On 16th June I will be going to London, showcasing my finished product at a snazzy event with cocktails and canapés. The event will be judged by Max McMurdo, a celebrity up-cycler who often takes part in the well known Tv show's Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces with George Clarke.

Raising money for charity 

The winner will win £500 to go towards a charity of their choice and all contestants will then be given the challenge to sell their piece of furniture back on Gumtree's website in order to make a profit. I will be donating all profits to The Alzheimer's Society , a charity that I really want to support. My nan suffered from this terrible, incurable disease and I want to help raise money to support research into finding a cure. My goal for this year was to take part in more charity work and I see this as a perfect opportunity to begin!

Please donate to my Just Giving page here - I am aiming to raise £400 but if I can make more that is even more amazing!! Help me exceed my goal!!

top-secret plans 

I will be keeping my plans and development top-secret until just before the event - I don't wanting anyone stealing my ideas hehe!

So stay tuned and all will be revealed in 2 weeks time 😛

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Natalie xxx

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