Project Shed … although I like to call it ‘The Dog House’

Project Shed 

Have you ever seen 'Amazing Spaces' with George Clarke, where they convert unconventional things into incredibly designed living spaces? Well... we have just finished building a shed in our garden and I want to transform the interior into a cleverly designed use of space - just like on that show. Maybe we can enter 'Shed of the Year' next year 😉 Read on for the story of how our shed has evolved to become something more than just a simple storage space...

Bespoke Design

When we had our garden landscaped last year, we left a space behind the garage in order to put a shed there. The original idea was to get a basic shed, although the space we had available was an awkward shape, leaving not much choice in terms of buying a regular size. Instead we decided to build our own bespoke one to fit the space perfectly, and the project has resulted in quite an impressive piece of work.

Rob's Stepdad, also called Rob (I'll call him Rob Senior!) is an experienced shed-builder so offered to build one for us, and we were delighted to accept his offer having seen the masterpieces he's built in his own garden! My Rob assisted in the build and got stuck in whenever he could provide a helping hand, picking up a few useful DIY tips along the way!


Rob Senior is a perfectionist, which is a great trait to have in anything design related and he should be very proud of his highly engineered shed. The tradesmen that finished the roof thought it was funny how he had gone to such lengths for it to be so sturdy and robust - it has ended up like a mini extension to our house haha!

Unique Interior - Garden Bar... Dog House... Summer Reading Spot

The main construction is now complete, however I am excited to start brainstorming ideas on how to convert the interior into something unique, rather than just a storage place for the lawn mower and tools. I would love to make this shed into a cool summer house with a garden bar, perfect for BBQs in the summer! 

We are also planning on getting a dog after we come back from our holiday in August so we can utilise this space as it's own outside shelter, if we decide to let it outside in the summer months. We will purchase a dog flap to allow our little doggy to enter the shed as and when it pleases - plus when Rob winds me up I can put him in 'The Dog House'!!!

We are so happy with it and we really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the entire project. Thanks Rob! See below some photos showing the stages of the build!

Stay tuned to find out what we do with the interior!


Natalie xxx

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