Little One’s Blog gets a logo!

A vintage stamp with a modern twist is a look I wanted to achieve when brainstorming ideas for a logo on Little One's Blog... read on to find out more!

I have been working collaboratively with Michael Doran (who is an amazing graphic designer and creative thinker) on my logo for my Interior Design and Travel Blog over the past week. He lives in Reading and whilst I live in Liverpool, many would think that doing business from such a distance away would create a host of communication problems and misunderstandings. However, this was not the case at all; we live in an era with such advanced technology and tools, that it makes business super easy without having to arrange face-to-face meetings that often take up a large amount of time.

We communicated fully via Facebook, Pinterest and e-mail with ease and with the added features of Pinterest that allow you to share one of your boards with another 'Pinner'; it allowed me to get my ideas across to Michael in a visual way, with inspiration found from lots of different sources.  I'm so happy with the finished result. Michael did all the graphic design and I came up with the ideas, with lots of help from him too of course 🙂

Clear Goals

I had a very clear idea on how I wanted my logo to be... which helps a lot! I hear of designers often complaining that their clients just don't know what they want and when they give their client something to work with, it is going in the wrong direction. The problem with design (but this is also a benefit too) is that there are so many possibilities that it can be hard to pinpoint what your client wants, and even if you give your client what they want, your interpretation can be somewhat different to theirs. This is something I have experienced myself as an Interior Designer and it can drive you around the bend!

You need to give your designer something more concrete to work with otherwise there is no point hiring them to do the job because you will never get to where you want to be. If you hire a good one then they may surprise you and come up with a cool twist on your idea by pushing it to a whole new level.  But if you don't give them a direction then it can turn into a messy situation for both parties and a lot of wasted time.

My clear goals where for my logo to be like a vintage stamp but with a modern twist; mixing old with new is a big thing that I love writing about, so I wanted my logo to portray the style and personality of my blog.

I was eager for my logo to be versatile, as I am thinking of expanding to other things in the future. Therefore, with these plans in mind, we came up with other variations too! It seemed fitting for the design to be purple seen as I'm obsessed with the colour, and I was interested in the idea of each logo being a different shade so they work harmoniously next to each other.

The design itself can be used across a variety of different media. I could even get an actual ink stamp made in order for me to leave my signature on letters, furniture, and artwork... the possibilities are endless! I'm so excited because it will make my blog look so much more professional!


I would love to find out what you all think of the design and I encourage you to post a comment on this post below. Pick a question to answer out of the following...

What is your favourite logo out of the four?

Can you think of any other ideas of how I can use this logo in different forms of media?

Which range would you be most excited for me to produce in future... furniture, lighting or artwork?

Please have a look at Michael's other work here : Michael Doran

Natalie x

6 thoughts on “Little One’s Blog gets a logo!

  1. I like them all! I think the lighter purple’s work better. Maybe have a stamp made and experiment with photographing the ‘anologue’ effect that might give and see if that look goods for a new digital logo. You can also have notary press stamps made for embossing, but they are quite expensive and might look a bit too regal.

    1. Aww thanks – it is all thanks to working with a great graphic designer 🙂 Looking forward to finding out what everyone else’s opinions are of it! I love getting feedback.

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