Perfectionist Problems

We all have our quirks; our good traits and our bad traits. I'd say my worst trait is that I'm a perfectionist (I know that is such a cliché thing to say but it's true!). Even so, being a perfectionist can strangely also be my best trait...

Perfection quotes

I come from a family of perfectionists... I blame both of my parents for passing this trait down to me!

My Mum is a very skilled dress maker, designer and sewing tutor with a reputation for high calibre work. I have to thank my mum for the creativity gene as it seems to have passed on to me! Her passion for art and design has filtered down to me and I remember her teaching me how to draw properly when I was little. She sets very high standards for herself and is amazing at what she does.


My Dad on the other hand is a DIY expert and he begrudges letting anyone else do a job for him as he can always do it better! He was amazing when we first moved into our house; helping us put pictures on the walls and teaching Rob a few skills. His problem is that he tries to do everything himself; a big ask when you have a full time job and a family to look after. This led to him getting a bit of a reputation for starting jobs before finishing other ones, however since retiring he has more time for his current project - converting his Mercedes van into a state-of-the-art camper van to travel Europe in!


I thought it was actually quite funny that I was asked to be part of the Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution campaign as my Dad has been harping on at me for years about how amazing Gumtree is. He has bought and sold all sorts through Gumtree for his little DIY projects such as car spares, bikes, phones, furniture, appliances...  you name it he's done it!

Both of my parents are the biggest hoarders. Their thinking is 'why throw something away when you can re-use it for something else in 10 years time?!' My mum refuses to throw away fabric or old clothes for her sewing projects and my Dad's garage is full of random stuff. I suppose all Dad's are the same though! 

I seem to have gone off on a tangent but I wanted to let everyone know how great my parents are despite their perfectionist tendencies!

Nothing and nobody is perfect.... so why do we all strive for that perfect job, that perfect relationship, the perfect looks and the perfect house?

Perfectionism often comes out in different ways, but mine seems to comes out in my job! I always strive to do everything perfectly and deliver a high quality piece of work, but time often gets in the way and I end up really frustrated. Maybe the frustration just shows I care, but it can be a real headache when you want to give something the attention to detail that it needs and you don't have enough time to do it!


I'm sure a lot of designers can relate to this feeling and I suppose that's the reason why I decided not to be an Interior Designer anymore. I was often left frustrated with the small budgets, the short time frames and the highly commercial conveyor belt nature to the job I was in. It zapped all of the creativity out of me! I like to spend time making sure I deliver a high quality job, not a rushed job that doesn't focus on any details.

Not enough time

So to conclude...even though I hate my perfectionist problems that often drive me round the bend, I have to be thankful for it as it does drive standards high and enable me to have big ambitions in my career! Luckily I am now able to manage this and to be realistic with things! On that note I will leave you with another quote from Pinterest...

Good enough is the new perfect


Natalie xxx






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