How cool is it that we helped get National Upcycling Day trending on twitter!

Today is the day... It is National Upcycing Day! The first EVER one - 24th June 2015

It has been an amazing day with so many people getting involved and sharing their upcycle projects with each other. I was honored to be 1 of 19 bloggers to take part in the #UpcycleRevolution challenge last week in London. Keep your eyes peeled for all of our items on Gumtree's website. Upcycle XYZ was a worthy winner with his upcycled drumkit transformed into an array of kids storage, shelving and lighting. Amazingly the #NationalUpcyclingDay hashtag was trending organically for 7 hours on twitter! Read an interesting article by My Clever Agency about the success of the campaign here. I helped contribute to them reaching 30 million impressions on the day and my work is featured in the article!

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#UpcycleRevolution Blogger Challenge

Ahead of National Upcycling Day, Gumtree held the #UpcycleRevolution Blogger Challenge, hosted by expert Max McMurdo. The event brought together some of the UK’s most talented upcyclers, each one attempting to create a unique item from previously loved items for sale by Gumtree sellers via the website, with the aim to sell it for a profit and all money donated to a charity of their choice. You can view a video from the event here

National Upcycling Day launches

The study heralds the launch of the UK’s first National Upcycling Day on Wednesday 24th June, which is as part of National Recycling Week (22nd – 29th June) and aims to inspire the British public to tap into their creative juices, do away with standard flat pack furniture and find unique treasures in need of a new lease of life.

We all hope to inspire you with our creations! Keep an eye out for the upcyclers guide on Gumtree's website where a hand full selection of the bloggers involved will be discussing a step-by-step guide to each of their projects and creativity. I have been picked as one to be featured YAY!

          Gioia Manetti, COO at commented:

We have a passionate upcycling community on Gumtree that is growing by the day. We are constantly blown away by their ingenuity and craftsmanship. Gumtree is an ideal platform to not only buy and sell upcycled items, but also to find inspiration on what to upcycle next. We believe upcycling will firmly take hold in the UK once there is greater awareness of how easy it can be get started and we hope National Upcycling Day brings out the inner upcycler that exists in most of us.

TV presenter and upcycling enthusiast, Max McMurdo added:

Creativity is nourished through the sharing of ideas, skills and exposure. That’s why what Gumtree is doing, in the form of National Upcycling Day is so important. We hope that by next year, we will continue to see a rise in the number of people who are putting their hand to creating something unique from reused materials.

National Upcycling Day takes places on Wednesday, 24th June 2015. To find out more, visit and and follow @Gumtree, #UpcycleRevolution.

It was great to meet Max at the event last Tuesday and find out about how he has got to where he is now - it is a very inspirational story and good on him for taking a risk to follow his dreams. Can you believe he left a car designer job in Germany to set up Reestore? He ended up living in a caravan because he didn't want his parents to have to support him. After gaining investment from Dragon's Den he is now running a successful business, featuring as a judge on Amazing Spaces - Shed of the Year, ITV This Morning and Kirsty Alsop's Fill your house for free. Who knows... he could end up a co-presenter with Chris Evans on Top Gear?

See below for some photo's from the event and you can see all of our projects soon on Gumtree's website where they can be purchased with all proceed's going to Charity!

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  1. Hey, loved seeing the entries! Well done but some stiff opposition. Very close I’d say. Great future here for you so maybe my trailer can be put into creative use to! The inside could look brill!! Catch you soon with next project. Rx

    1. They were all great weren’t they! I’m your your trailer will come in very handy, aswell as my Dad’s camper van. I’m going to raid my Dad’s house to see what I can scavenge 🙂

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