Interior Design is a chance for us to express our individuality – What style do you prefer for your home? Please pick three of the following words!


Little One's Chat: What are your style and values in interior design for your home?

There are no right or wrong answers as everyone has their own individual tastes. We should be proud of our uniqueness and what we are interested in; don't be scared to express yourself in the fear that you won't be accepted in society. A lot of people play it safe with the interior of their home because they are worried it won't look good or that their friends won't approve of their tastes. This also translates to other things like music tastes, race, sexual orientation and fashion. In school I remember feeling embarrassed for being different as I was one of very few kids in school of ethnic minority. I am mixed race;  white/asian and now very lucky to feel proud of my heritage!! I remember trying to keep it a secret that I was born in Malaysia and that my mum is Chinese and I now think how upsetting is that? We should embrace our differences and it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks of you or your interests if they are different from the majority of people.

Decorate your home for YOU and nobody else.

Interior Design is a chance for you to express your individuality, your interests and your passions. Who cares if you like something that is not 'on trend' at the moment... just get it!

PICK THREE WORDS out of the following that best describe your values and tastes in decor and please comment at the bottom of this post, on my FB page ( Natalie Holden Interiors - Little One's Blog )  or on Twitter ( @N_H_Interiors ) using Hashtag #LittleOnesChat. I want to encourage everyone to share their likes and dislikes with me without being scared of what everyone else thinks. This is also interesting for me to find out which takes priority out of form and function. Do practicalities take priority over style? Please let me know! I will share with you all in another post on what my values and tastes are, aswell as the results of this exercise! 🙂

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Look forward to getting your comments!

Natalie x x x

14 thoughts on “Interior Design is a chance for us to express our individuality – What style do you prefer for your home? Please pick three of the following words!

  1. Love this post Nat! I’ve just bought my first home so I’ve taken a massive interest in interiors – it’s slowly becoming my life! I’d say the most important factors for me would be minimalist, contemporary and sophisticated xx

  2. Hi Natalie, I have really enjoyed following your latest ‘up-cycle’ adventure & as I have mentioned before have been inspired to have a go myself…… Most of the furniture in my home is second hand, well loved pieces, all free,hand me downs or charity shop bargains. I have one particular room which has many functions :- dining, craft, dumping ground & drying washing to name but a few 😉 My main issue is ‘stuff’ everywhere and so my decision is to purchase/acquire a ‘side board’ and up-cycle ! (basically stealing your ideas) this will help establish this rooms identity as a dining room, whilst solving some of my storage issue ….
    My three words will have to be :- Cheap – Loved – Uncoordinated…..
    If I ever get the hang of uploading pics I’ll post them x
    I will probably drive you mad with this Natalie 😉 xxx
    Thanks for the inspiration………

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m sure we all have one room that ends up a bit of a dumping ground! I know I do – I think storage/ or lack of is a key issue for most people so I’m planning on focusing on upcycling storage items 🙂 steal my ideas all you like – the point of this blog is to share with everyone so it can inspire you all! If you are struggling to acquire a sideboard I’d recommend visiting Emmaus ( it is a charity shop for furniture supporting the homeless and I bought my latest sideboard for £20) – in regards to the three words – thanks for contributing your chosen words… Is there any chance you can pick three from the word cloud picture? I’m doing a bit of a survey and wanted everyone to pick from the same group of words, hope that’s ok! X

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  4. Thanks Natalie, I will remember to send them over 🙂 You may love/hate my eclectic antique safe TV stand, Timothy Oulton stuff still looks great. I just tidyed my Bookshelf up today.

  5. I think I prefer retro, I often feel that furniture design got swayed by cheap easy to mass produce products that where marketed into fashion. I try to think if the days of high craftsmanship, quality and bespoke furniture design carried on evolving without being almost wiped out by the fashion of mass produced furniture, how would they look today? So its a bit of a contemporary retro look I like, a slight contradiction. I think today we have more small independent company’s than ever starting to appear that produce such items so great times for interior design 🙂

    1. Funny you should say this! This is exactly what I’m doing from now on as a bit of a hobby and to earn some extra cash whilst helping the environment (restoring retro pieces into contemporary stylish pieces at an affordable price) Pick another word from my list for your third word!

      1. eclectic, I think you need a bit of individuality. If you buy everything from the same style or range it lacks a bit of personality.

      2. We seem to have the same tastes 🙂 Hope your well Matt. How’s the Timothy Oulton furniture? You will have to send me photo’s of your place now so I can see how it has evolved!

      3. Yes, thats me, no pics just yet, its exactly the same only a right mess, when I eventually get wooden flooring Ill post you a new photo :p Love the new website, keep up the good work!

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