#LittleOnesChat – Join the discussion!!

Every Monday evening I will launch a new hot topic on my blog. This is a chance for any one interested to discuss this topic and ask any questions or share ideas! 

I have launched my first one today ahead of my competition winner announcement tomorrow, however each new topic will be released on a Monday evening from now on. This isn't limited to an hour period on Monday itself; it is more of a chance for people to use my blog as a forum in the comments section, or even discuss each topic on twitter using the hashtag #LittleOnesChat. This topic can be discussed throughout the week at any time, as I understand it is difficult for people to make twitter chats within a certain hour every week.

First Little Ones Chat - 18th July - Using interior design to express your individuality - pick three words that best represent your style tastes and preferences. <<< Click here to see the first topic.

What are your interests, passions and hobbies? Are they somewhat different to everyone else and do you feel comfortable sharing them with other people? Do you embrace your differences or feel embarrassed by them? I want to encourage people to embrace their differences, their hobbies and interests and express their individuality within the interior they live in. Interior design is a great way of expressing yourself, just like with the clothes you wear. I would love to see examples of how you express your own identity in your home and it would be great if you can also pick three words from my list of what best represents your values and tastes for interior design within your home.

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