I’m a sucker for succulents

Plants are a great accessory used within interior design; not only for aesthetics but for your health and wellbeing too.

I love having plants in my interior but anyone who knows me well will know the battle I am having with keeping plants alive in my house; I just can't seem to master the art of successful plant rearing #PlantProblems. I confess... I'm a plant serial killer. Yes I'm afraid it's true. No matter how hard I try, I ALWAYS forget to water them and then slowly but surely they all die 🙁 I refuse to buy imitation ones because to put it bluntly, the affordable ones look plastic and the real looking ones are just out of my price range!

I think a few plants really give a room a bit of va va voom. A bit of green here and there can bring a tropical feel and sense of exoticness to your interior at the same time as being good for your wellbeing. It's well-known that greenery in your home and office can enhance your productivity and wellbeing and I'm trying so so hard to get it right but seem to fail every time. 

Treebox are a living walls specialist in the UK and have some amazing plant solutions for your home and workspace. Treebox  state "Plants and greenery have been proven to provide uplifting and calming effects on people whilst having a positive impact on stress related illnesses. Studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery increases workplace productivity and patient recovery rates in hospitals. During the day plants extract carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many other toxins from the air during photosynthesis, resulting in significant reductions in CO2 levels in well vegetated urban areas".

It seems silly not to have plants within the environment that you live, work and play in, considering the benefits they bring. I have found some inspiring examples of green walls used within residential and commercial interiors and I would LOVE to be able to have something like this in my home!

I can only dream at the moment as these type of installations would cost a bit too much money for me due to them having high tech systems where they are connected to your water supply; this means you don't have to remember to water them yourself... sounds like a perfect solution to my problem!

Until I can afford this option I have found an alternative solution to avoid my plant killing tendencies which is very cheap. The solution is 'Succulents'!

A general definition of succulents is that they are drought resistant plants in which the leaves, stem or roots have become more than usually fleshy by the development of water-storing tissue.Wikipedia

This way if I forget to water them... it won't matter as much! Carry on reading for some succulent ideas of how to arrange them in different ways within your interior. I found some inspiring examples of mini terraniums on Pinterest!

Hanging glass jars

Succulent 7

You can create a really eye-catching display if you arrange your succulents within hanging glass jars at different heights. This creates more visual interest and is a bit different to just placing your terrarium on a sideboard. You could play about with scale and different shaped jars if you want to take it one step further!

Experiment with different pots arranged together

Succulent 10

I like the simplicity of this arrangement using a selection of contrasting white pots. The different heights and textures of the Cacti make a really interesting feature for your window sill. You can buy Cacti for as little as around £3 each in garden centres.

An alternative to a typical hanging basket

Succulent 4

I love the angled shape of this glass container. This would look lovely by your front door as a nice welcoming feature to your guests. Hanging baskets are the same everywhere but you could be a bit more unique with something like this.

Sand art

Succulent 11

You could do something like this with your old coffee jars. I buy my coffee in bulk from Costco and the jars are huge! This is a great way of recycling your used items into a lovely display for your home. I like the way this example has incorporated sand art at the bottom. You could play around with different colours and stones so they fit in with your colour scheme.

Centre piece for your dining table

Succulent 5

There is nothing more annoying to me than a really tall vase on a dining table that gets in the way of you speaking to the person sitting opposite you ; I only end up moving it out of the way because it is a barrier between you and your dining partner. This example above is a great centre piece for a dining table with a more industrial feel; the height is low so it doesn't get in the way and it plays around with different heights and textures. You can use an old baking tray to do this or simply buy something new if you want more of a sophisticated look. I can imagine a hammered copper tray would look lovely for this.

Raw wood

Succulent 12

Glass terraniums can look quite clinical depending on what shape glass container you use. I like these glass domes because they incorporate the warmth of raw wood as a base. You could replicate this look buy acquiring a piece of reclaimed wood and cutting it into the shape you desire. I like the idea of using reclaimed wood for more of a rustic feel as it has more character.

Here's what I made earlier!

Lastly I thought I'd show you an example of my first attempt at a succulent sill set-up. This window sill arrangement is in my downstairs bathroom. I think I've only watered this about once a month and it is still going strong! Perfect. I bought the copper and glass holder from TKmaxx for about £10 and both the cactus and square pot cost no more than £8 combined from Homebase. What a bargain!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and would love if you can tweet me examples of terraniums you have done yourself... or even if you have any tips on how to keep plants alive that would be great! Tweet photos to @N_H_Interiors using the hashtag #LittleOnesBlog

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Natalie x

Credits: All photos sourced on Pinterest

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