Are you affected by the recent axing of the green deal funding? Join the discussion #LittleOnesChat

David Cameron announced on Thursday that they will be axing the ‘Green Deal’ eco funding.

The green deal was a government funded scheme that allowed home-owners and landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their homes with a variety of options such as a new boiler, solar panels, wall insulation, and roof insulation. This axing won't affect existing applications but no more future funding will be released under the current Green Deal set up. You can find out more information about the scheme here and what funding is left. The government have claimed they will be introducing a new approach to sustainable home policies to improve the services available but no new scheme has been announced yet leaving many energy efficiency businesses in limbo. There doesn't seem to be much hope of finding out any time soon either due to the constant delays in finding out this news.

If this affects your business or your plans for your home then join the discussion this week. Let’s try and put a positive spin on this; how can we move forward from this and improve the energy efficiency of our homes without having to rely on funding from the government?

Now... I'm not an expert on energy efficiency and I sure don't feel like I can give people advice on what is best to do but I thought this would be a great topic of discussion and hopefully businesses and home-owners can help each other in the discussion to move forward during this uncertain period.

A campaign exists called 'The Energy Bill Revolution' which aims to encourage the government to launch a much more ambitious home energy efficiency programme to make all UK homes super energy efficient, prioritising the homes of the fuel poor. You can find out more here. On researching their website I found some shocking statistics that show the extent of the cold homes crisis. It's on a much more serious scale than I thought and it makes you realize how lucky you are to live in comfortable conditions.

Cause of deaths
Image sourced from The Energy Bill Revolution

Energy saving tips for your home

I know it sounds silly and obvious but until the government bring in an alternative policy, we will have to stick to simple steps to saving more on our energy bill and to keep our homes warm. Please see below some ideas that can help out by getting back to basics :-

  • Buy thick curtains to provide extra insulation around your windows.
  • Opt for carpets instead of laminate or wooden flooring as it is much warmer.
  • Buy a drought excluder to put at the bottom of each door to stop warm air leaking from your room.
  • Change your light bulbs to LED, they are much more energy efficient; using less electricity and lasting much longer than standard bulbs.
  • Only put your heating on in the room you are in instead of the entire house.
  • Turning your heating down by 1 degree can save you up to 10% on your electricity bill which could be around £85 per year.
  • Wear extra layers - I know this is pretty obvious but it's silly how many peoples houses I go to and they wear t-shirts and shorts with their heating on full blast!
  • Turn your tv off standby and turn all your plug sockets off when not in use. You'd be surprised how lots of little changes can all add up to quite a bit of money saved at the end of the year.
  • Don't stick with the same energy provider every year. Shop around when each year comes along just like you would do with your car insurance. It may be more hassle but it could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Choose thermal materials for throws/blankets such as wool and fur.

By combining all of the above you could generate quite a considerate amount of savings to put towards a well deserved holiday!

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

The other alternative is to just buy a new build house instead of an old house and then you won't need to worry about the majority of the above problems. I have a new build house and the energy efficiency is amazing. My energy bill is buttons compared to many of my friends. On average our gas, electricity AND water bill is £70 per month for a 3 bedroom detached house and this is after 15 months of living here through both summer and winter.

I would love to find out if you know any more tips to save money on your bills as I am an amateur at this!

How can we make our homes more energy efficient without relying on government funding? 

How can energy efficiency businesses move forward from this huge cut... another question is can they?

Are there alternative funding options available for home-owners that don't rely on government input?

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3 thoughts on “Are you affected by the recent axing of the green deal funding? Join the discussion #LittleOnesChat

  1. It is a shame that these schemes are being scrapped and no alternative appears to be in the pipeline.

    Not only can these schemes save people money and encourage and support an ethical industry, these schemes also encourage future technology.

    The green deal over the years has been changed so many times many businesses have suffered at worse and been confused at best.

    I hope that something more secure will be available in the future.

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