First Ever Vlog

Is it just me or is the word vlog really hard to say?

So vlogging... I'm sure everyone is familiar with all those self made famous vloggers like Zoella who has a ridiculous 9 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. It's ridiculous isn't it? I don't understand how that is even possible. And here is me with my measely not even 1500 followers of my blog.

I've been trying to experiment with ways to get people to interact with my blog more so it ranks higher on search engines. I started Little One's Chat a few weeks ago which is a weekly chat with a new topic released every Monday evening where people can get involved, comment and share ideas on that particular topic. If you want to find out more click here. The topics are all revolved around Interior Design and Property.

Alongside this I also did some research on how to get more readers and asked some friends for advice. I found out that videos are the best way to do that as they rank higher on Google and YouTube is a great platform to get a whole other type of 'follower'. I started watching YouTube videos a few weeks ago and found some really entertaining ones! I decided to give it a go. Scary! I'm not a public speaking kind of person at all and hate drawing attention to myself so I had no clue how I'd pluck up the courage to do it!

Today I got a little message from wordpress... it's Little One's Blog's three year Anniversary today! Wow. Three years have flown by. I thought I need to celebrate and thought I'd just go for it and attempt my first ever Vlog to mark this Anniversary and start a new one with a YouTube channel. I've been putting it off but it seemed appropriate today! Eek.


I'm petrified to share this video with everyone because I'm wearing my wonky specs which I hate because they make my eyes really small. Plus I have a red eye. I wear my contact lenses way too much and left them in too long so I'm giving my eyes a bit of a rest! is my first ever vlog showing you my weekend DIY project progress. This video follows on from my recent blog 'Bold Blue Bathroom'  if you want to find out more.  I'm still not even 100% about sharing this because I don't want to look like an absolute idiot but what the heck... here it sorry if I completely bore you... pps. don't bother watching it if you aren't interested in Interiors because it probably WILL bore you haha.

Note: I may seem like an expert at this DIY stuff but I'm not at all; I tried to take the radiator off to paint the wall and ended up draining half of the central heating system by accident. This morning I had to get a cold shower : / . At least I know now that you are supposed to turn off the spinny nob things on both sides to stop the water coming through from the rest of the system before you drain the radiator! You learn something new every day.

Stores Mentioned

The Painted Chair - The Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool (Copper Gilding Wax and Annie Sloan Paint)

Homebase, Aintree Retail Park (Cactus and pot)

Tkkmaxx, Aintree Retail Park (Holder for Cactus)

B&Q, Aintree Retail Park (Copper Light, Valspar premium paint, Frog Tape and Bulb)

Fired Earth, Bold Street Liverpool (Mat)

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