Inspiration for my ensuite – ombre paint techniques

New goals - post per day

I have set myself a new goal to do a post per day until the end of this month. Even if it's just sharing a photo I like or a motivational quote, I want to blog more regularly. I have a tendency to go through phases of blogging all the time and then not doing a post for 6 months but I've promised myself I wont do that again! I just have to be a bit more strict with myself. I really struggle with self discipline so I'm going to try and improve that with my blog 🙂

Today I thought I'd share some images that have inspired me for my next interior design house project. I want to paint my ensuite bathroom next! I know I know... I haven't even finished my downstairs one yet but I thought I'd start researching ideas anyway. See this is my problem; I start another project before I've even finished the last one!

Ensuite inspiration

My bedroom has a bit of a beachy colour theme at the moment. You can see the things I have currently got below...

The problem I'm finding with the design of the room at the moment is that it's too white. I need a different colour on the walls in my bedroom and ensuite. With my house being a new build they recommend not painting your house for at least 12 months until the house settles, due to shrinkage. It's been over 12 months now so I'm getting so excited about finally decorating the actual walls!

I'm thinking a navy blue for my bedroom to contrast against the white furniture and I'm thinking yellow for my ensuite as an accent colour to compliment my picture and cushion.

I really want to experiment with paint techniques and I'm loving all these images that I have sourced on Pinterest! I might just go for an ombre look in my ensuite... what do you think? I'm loving the ones that have a rougher  look and I also really like the idea of painting the ceiling a mustard yellow and fade it out down the top of the walls like the sun! What are your favourites?









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