Rex: The Concept Store Liverpool


REX is a modern department store in Liverpool, home to a unique collection of independent retailers, artists and designers! They have recently opened a shop in the Met Quarter and I went to have a look around on Wednesday; the new store is great with a mixture of fashion, home ware, furniture, art and gifts.  I'm seriously considering selling my furniture upcycle projects there as they offer pretty flexible agreements, giving me the chance to stock work as and when I can complete it around my full time job. Furniture is a hard thing to sell online so it would be good for me to display some pieces in a shop within a fantastic location in the city :). I'm in the process of doing a project where I will be donating 10% of the profits to charity... more details to follow.

You can find out more here:



I will keep you all posted! I definitely recommend checking it out if you prefer to shop with local brands and independent designers as opposed to big chains; the store is located on the first floor of the Met Quarter on the left hand side and is now open!

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