Mirror Mirror ‘FINALLY’ On The Wall! My mirrors are finally up in the kitchen…

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... after sitting in a box leaning against the wall for 3 months - oops.

Is it just me or does anyone else put off hanging pictures and mirrors on their walls? I always do it. I've got so many pictures and mirrors lying around but I never get round to actually putting them on the wall! Today I decided to hang my lovely mirrors bought from John Lewis back in May. This actually leads on from my post 'Mirror mirror on the wall'  where I was on the hunt for something to go in my open plan kitchen diner 🙂

DIY Interior Design Tips

To give you a brief overview - I have an empty wall that I needed to do something about by my dining table in the kitchen diner. After some contemplation I decided it needed a sideboard and a mirror above due to lack of storage. This wall faces my patio doors and I thought a mirror would be great to reflect the light around the room, as well as the view of my garden. I sourced a beautiful retro sideboard from a charity shop at only £20 (which needs some renovation) and a selection of vintage style mirrors from John Lewis. I'm so happy with my purchases costing no more than £100 for them all!

I decided to get my mirrors up on the wall today FINALLY! It didn't take any longer than an hour to hang all 5 mirrors (with the help of Rob) so I don't know why I always put it off so much as though it's some kind of major intensive heart surgery or something!

I think the reason for my putting off tendency is the fear of hanging it wrong; once you put a hole in the wall, it's a nuisance to change and with this mirror collection being a group of 5 with all different shapes and sizes, it freaked me out completely.

So yes... I finally plucked up the courage to do it this morning and pretty pleased with the results!




Plaster board fittings

I used these great fittings which are fantastic for plaster board walls. You literally screw the larger one into the wall by hand slowly so the plaster doesn't break away and then the smaller screw is screwed into the fitting, ready for your picture or mirror to hang from. You can even hang quite heavy stuff up onto plaster board walls using these fittings, as long as you use a couple on each side.


I laid my mirrors onto the floor first using my tiles, which acted as a grid to guide me when measuring up. Once I was happy with the spacing on the floor I then started marking out the spacing onto the wall, taking into consideration that the hooks on the back are slightly set in from the edge. No wonder they say you need a good grade in maths to do Interior Design... it does get a little confusing!

FullSizeRender (9)

I will be sitting my sideboard directly below these mirrors - the one I am currently attempting to renovate.  Tomorrow I'm going to try and finish sanding the frame of it but it's taking forever! Find out more about my plans for the sideboard here.


Tip: When planning the position of your mirrors or pictures, try to think ahead about what accessories you plan to put on the unit below. I plan to put a table lamp or a tall vase on the right hand side of my sideboard so I made sure that the height of my mirror on the right hand side was slightly higher so it wouldn't interfere too much with the mirror.  I didn't want the arrangement to block a large proportion of the mirror you see. Composition within your home decor is very important when adding your finishing touches - it makes a hell of a difference when you do it right!

Stay tuned for the progress on my sideboard! I can't wait to see it all compete.

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