Busy Bee; Six Major Things Happened In The Space Of One Week…And Breathe.

I've been really bad and not blogged for about two weeks! I do have a valid excuse though as I've had a lot of things going on; it was my birthday, went to the Lakes, got engaged, had a spare of the moment engagement/birthday party, did a full day upholstering workshop the day after the party and then became an aunty to a beautiful baby girl all in the space of about a week! This past two weeks have flown by but I thought I'd share some photos of our violated chalk board wall and my finished chair that I upcycled in the workshop (I'm really proud of it!) ...with a few lovely Lakes photos thrown in for good measure!

It All Started With A Lovely Trip To The Lake District

I had an amazing time in the Lake District for my birthday and the bank holiday; firstly we did the Easedale Tarn walk in Grasmere up a mountain with beautiful picture perfect views, a waterfall and a lake at the very top where you can swim or paddle to cool off! Rob proposed to me completely out the blue and I said yes! 

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Joint Birthday And Engagement Celebrations: The Christening Of Our Chalk Board Wall!

We decided to have a party the following weekend to celebrate with friends and family. Our chalk board wall in the downstairs bathroom went down a treat during our party and everyone seemed to enjoy leaving drunken messages... AND of course... rude pictures tut tut. Here is a picture of the wall after everyone got their hands on the chalk. I'm thinking I won't be giving free reign in future and definitely need to set some rules...ahem.

Chalk Board Wall Post Party Antics

Upholstering Workshop At 10am The Morning After The Night Before

Absent mindedly we arranged the party the night before my full day upholstering workshop that I had booked in advance as a birthday treat. It's literally taken me a whole week to tidy the house bit by bit after the party as I had no time on Sunday due to the workshop ahhh! So I'm now finally settled and thought I'd share some before, during and after shots of the chair I upholstered 🙂  I've never upholstered before so I was really proud of my finished piece as it's quite tricky getting the foam edge of the seat cushion free of lumps and bumps. I will be using it as a desk chair  in our home office to compliment our red angle poise floor lamp. (that room is a bit of a mess at the moment so unfortunately there will be no photos of that room yet!). I love how the old chair has been completely transformed into something cute and modern. I couldn't resist painting a heart on the back and I love polka dots.




Painting and Upholstering




DIY TIP: I've found one material that I can't live without when doing painting and DIY and that's cling film! Its amazing to use if you want to cover areas of furniture that you don't want splashes on as it wraps easily and stays in place, but then at the same time it's easily removed without pulling any paint off. I used cling film to wrap my toilet and radiator when doing my bathroom and I also used it to cover parts of the chair whilst painting the red accent features on the frame.

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