Mad Women Auction – Bid To Win!

My 'Mad Women' upcycled chest of drawers has been sitting in my kitchen for the past six months all lonely with no where to go. I need to sell it but haven't got round to doing it yet. Please give it a home!

If I had the space I'd keep it for myself but I just don't have any room in my house. I've decided I'm going to finally do something about it and I'm going to put it up for auction on Ebay this Sunday.

I'm poor and need money for my wedding! I am donating half the profits to The Alzheimers Society and the rest is going towards a pair of designer shoes for the big day! I decided I need to treat myself as I haven't bought a pair of decent shoes since I moved into the house two years ago.

So yes... please help me spread the word and I do apologise for the sympathy story but it's genuine and I'd love to be able to raise more money for charity as well as buy a decent pair of shoes for my wedding!

Here is a reminder of the dresser that I upcycled


Buy me please!
As soon as the auction goes live this weekend I will share the link. Please share this post for me so it helps spread the word.

I need to make another £170 to hit my Just Giving target!! Please help me double that 😀

Natalie xxx


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