Goals – Inspired by Lawrence Jones at Entrepreneurs Exchange

I know I did my last post with a bit of a football spin on things... but the goals I'm talking about today aren't of that kind. The goals I'm talking about today are the ones you set yourself in your career, your home projects or just life in general!

Entrepreneurs Exchange - Meeting Lawrence Jones MBE, CEO of UKFast


I attended Entrepreneurs Exchange on Wednesday evening which is a networking event funded by the government. This free event is happening all over the country and gives British entrepreneurs the chance to meet like minded people and gain inspiration from successful business leaders.

It really was by chance that I ended up attending this event having not really known much about UKFast or the ethos behind it. I'm so happy that I decided to go because I met lots of like-minded ambitious people and gained lots of insightful knowledge into how to be successful in business... more on that later!

Lawrence Jones MBE ,the founder and CEO of UKFast was the speaker of last nights event. He gave us all an insight into how he set up his business from his back bedroom and transformed it into a multi million pound business with a £23 million turnover in 15 years (with the support and help from his business partner and Wife, Gail). You can read his full story here on his blog which aims to inspire and help other entrepreneurs around the world.

Lawrence was awarded an MBE for Services to the Digital Economy in the 2015 New Year's Honours List, a momentous achievement for a proud Brit.

Lawrence did a really inspiring talk on how he got to where he is now, his life changing experience that altered his outlook on life and then we had a great Q&A session to give us all a chance to ask him some questions.

Some key quotes and advice that stood out for me are as follows:-

"Set yourself goals" - to give you direction and purpose.

"Women keep the boys on the straight and narrow" when describing the support system he has around himself in his business.

"Try and steer your business into something you are really passionate about" - if you love what you do you won't be finding excuses for not doing your work. You will struggle to stop working!

Write everything down - Lawrence has a little black book in which he writes all of his plans, goals and ideas down.

He told an interesting  story about a study on goals. This Harvard Yale 1953 goals study revealed that 3% of Harvard MBA's made 10 times as much as the other 97% combined; the 3% were the people who set themselves goals.

Lawrence also stated that time is of great importance to him and he believes his super efficient ways of working make it hard for anyone to beat what he can do in an hour.

His speech really did resonate  with me because I've  been trying to improve my productivity, my time management and my procrastination problems this past few months because quite frankly I'm shockingly bad in these areas. Before I knew it, as soon as we were given the opportunity to ask a question, my hand shot up before anyone else had a look in!

My question was "you say time is of great importance to you, can you give us some tips on how to manage your time effectively?"

His answer was that he has a whiteboard that he splits into two sections; the left side with a small list of urgent tasks that need to be done that day and this doesn't change, the right side will have all other  less important tasks on it and this will be more fluid and move around quite a bit. The reason for this is so you don't cram your day with the potential that things will over run, letting people down and being late.  You can find out many more tips on his blog.

Overall it was really interesting to receive some great business advice, find out the values of his company and his dedication to help young people, by inspiring and educating.

School Project

Lawrence shared some very fresh and exciting news with us, that he had recently secured funding from the government to set up his own school in Manchester.

Entrepreneurial skills and good business advice is what many schools still lack and is also what I lacked in my education. It's very inspiring to learn of these new opportunities that young people will have soon and I wish him the best of luck!

A bit about me and my challenges

I developed a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a scatter brain. I also have a mug that was bought for me when I got my own place with the slogan 'Little Miss Scatter Brain'. As you can probably gather, I used to be very unorganised and didn't plan things very well. I always left things until last minute when organising to see my friends, which meant it often never happened.

These traits are just part of my personality and because I'm a creative person, my mind always has too many ideas circulating in my brain. In college I used to always lose my train pass, leave my mobile phone in the toilets and lose my keys! Everyone still takes the mick out of me now because I still do silly things such as leave my keys in the front door, or under my pillow (don't ask me how they got there, but after searching frantically for my keys for about 30 minutes I randomly found them there one day).

I decided I seriously need to do something about this because it wasn't helping me in any way. I was getting stressed and frustrated with myself!

I bought myself four things and read a really good book in January and I really wish I'd done all this sooner because I have found myself so much more productive,organised and level headed!

A good old fashioned planner from Paperchase with the slogan "Make it happen" on the front.


A key holder - so I don't lose my keys


A note pad for my blog ideas


A journal 'Living well one line a day - A five year reflection book' - where you can write either a goal, an inspiration, a memory or a quote  each day to name but a few ideas.


I also read the book 'Eat that Frog' which gives you simple tips on how to be more productive and manage your time more effectively.

So... back to goals.

I'm going to end this blog with 3 new personal goals for this year.

  • To double the readership of my blog compared to last year. Each year my blog stats have doubled and if I don't achieve it again this year I won't be a happy bunny. I need to hit 30,000 views this year to hit my target. So please share this post to help me beat my target!
  • To raise awareness of the importance of eco friendly design, how the choices you make when buying interior products can have a detrimental effect on the environment.
  • To manage to plan my wedding at the same time as doing all of the above with a positive mind set!

What are the goals you have set yourself this year?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did like it , please do SHARE! Help me achieve my first goal 🙂

Natalie xxx





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