Little One’s Dog – Meet Theo and his palace!

You may all know that Rob and I have been considering getting a dog for over a year now and last month after lots of deliberation, we finally decided to take the plunge. Getting a dog is such a huge decision and trust me, we didn't take it lightly. I apologise in advance if my blog slowly turns into 'Little One's Dog' but I promise I won't spam you all with puppy posts every day, I just wanted to introduce you all to a new member of the Dutton household and the story of how we found him!

After watching so many programmes on TV about puppy farms, our main priority was to buy a puppy from a family where their well being and health was the main focus. It can be quite daunting when looking into options because puppy farms are rife and they are quite clever in how they set themselves up, with many having a pretend mum when you go to visit them.

A bit about how we found Theo...

The Humans

We found our breeder on the website Pets 4 Homes after lining up about three other viewings with other breeders and I just knew it was right straight away; I just got this gut feeling telling me that we needed to visit these pups first and cancel all the other appointments!  Oli and Rach are a young couple from Macclesfield and they have their own photography, film and design company. They had created an amazing website to tell the story of their pups and their gorgeous mum Crumbles. With lots of photos of the puppies, the puppies parents and 'The Humans' (owners), it provided us with all the information we needed to put us at ease.


On Sunday we met the beautiful litter of Chocolate Cockapoos and we fell in love with them straight away!

Each and every one were so cute and they all had their own funny personalities. We finally decided on a little boy who had the most adorable face, was a bit smaller than the others and was so placid and relaxed when we were holding him. We named him Theo!

May 29, 2016 -15.58-3.jpeg

This dog is going to be so spoilt. I am already thinking of how we can design our bespoke shed into Theo's little palace.

So our shed is built and you can see it here - Project Shed. This summer's project is to transform it into a dog palace.

How funny are these examples! Theo will be like a god.

Natalie xxx

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