The Euro 2016: An Opportunity To Visit France

For a month, the European Championship will take place in 10 different French cities.

Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, St-Denis, St-Etienne and Toulouse.

More than hosting unforgettable matches, those cities are also full of secrets places, cultures and history. It would be a shame to miss the chance to enjoy yourselves there.

Take a second to think about what was missing during your last trip. In its own way, each one of these french start-up companies that I have come across allows you to upgrade your travel experience.

I know for me, finding free wifi is always high up on the agenda when travelling. When we are so connected to the digital world in day to day life, you can feel lost when you have limited access abroad! I've picked my favourite 4 apps and services by Les Startups du Voyage and I'm actually quite excited to try them out myself on my next holiday!

Fizzer - send a postcard from your phone

This app allows you to select your best photos, customise your postcard with collages and filters, write a message and sign it with your finger, then it prints it off and sends it in an envelope to your desired recipient!

Vizeat - Share a meal with local french homes

This concept is similar to that of Airbnb, however instead of staying at someones home, you have a meal cooked for you! This sounds like a brilliant idea to experience the true culture in a city, instead of ending up in all the usual tourist restaurants. You could have an authentic meal cooked for you by one of the locals, ooh la la.

What a brilliant way to either make some money cooking a meal for a tourist, or experiencing a unique and authentic meal from a local. I had a look at some of the homes on there and they look very intriguing. Look at this amazing interior of a Paris home that I discovered, and the cuisine seems to match the high standards of decor too! Result.

Travel Wifi - Wifi in your pocket for your trip to France

Rent your mobile hotspot and enjoy your wifi connection anytime, anywhere.

Monument Tracker - Tour guide app

Monuments and history are revealed automatically, informing you during your walk, on foot, by bike or on a taxi via your smart phone in your pocket.

No research, no stress, no mandatory itineraries.  You can explore a city in a fun way, strolling carefree: it's a new approach which is quite original.

Monument Tracker has revolutionized the use of tourist guides and designed a technology to suit the needs of the modern tech savvy traveller. Paired with travel wifi this can be a very useful tool on a city break!

Bourdeaux - Image sourced on Monument Tracker website

Hope you find these tools useful on your next trip, I know I'll certainly be trying them next time I'm travelling!

Natalie x

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