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This month I decided to be a bit more organised and film the vlog the day before instead of 7:45pm like last time! Little did I know what I was getting myself in for... it took me 4 hours to edit it : /

I have realised after watching my video with fresh eyes and ears, that I say the word  'ermm' and 'you know' quite a lot so I apologise in advance for this!!! It's embarrassing watching videos of yourself back and quite enlightening to see how you actually speak and act from another point of view. I have also realised I use my hands quite a lot too haha. I will have to work on this.

This month's topic is exploring the options of practical vs pretty interior solutions. I thought I'd share some tips and knowledge that I have learnt whilst working in the furniture industry. This vlog is a bit more of a informational video so it's not very entertaining if that is what you were hoping for. Instead it's mainly to help anyone with their choices on colours, finishes and materials and tips for picking furniture for their lifestyle  and needs. If you have children or pets then practical interior solutions will be high up on your priority list but does it mean if you have a practical interior you can't have a pretty interior too? Watch my blog to find out more 🙂

This topic is so vast so I'm only really scratching the surface with the different types of finishes and materials available. I have given a bit more of a generalist overview of the main things to consider, however will do a part two to this month's topic with a break down of more finishes and materials and how they best suit different lifestyles and interior styles.That way you can have it all there in writing to refer back to when picking your interior bits and pieces.

Mink Sofa - Ashley Manor Stocktons Sofa.jpg
My Sofa - Ashley Manor Sofa in Mink Fabric
Mink Fabric.jpg
Mink Fabric - Two tone colouring


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