Liverpool Creative Women Take Over Miyagi

My stall at the event!!

Sarah Illustration hosted a vibrant creative networking event on Thursday evening at Mister Miyagi on Bold Street, sponsored by Depop. This fun evening gave a group of scouse Depop women sellers the chance to showcase their work to the public and meet other like-minded creatives.

Sarah asked me to help her plan and organise the event where I also had the chance to have my own stall showcasing my work 🙂 I too have never organised my own public event before, so it was a really fun and exciting opportunity. We are both so happy that a good amount of people turned up and they all seemed to enjoy themselves, with quite a few asking if there will be any more events in future! We are already in discussions about hosting more events so stay tuned ; )


"I've never hosted an event before so it has been a huge learning curve in all respects eg. knowing your target audience and the most successful ways to advertise etc. All in all it was a huge success with a nice atmosphere and a great amount of people turned up. I've gained friends, followers, the chance to host more events in future and I have a big respect to those who host events full time now I know how much effort goes on behind the scenes." Sarah Mckevitt, Sarah Illustration

Bit about Depop

Depop is an app which is an online marketplace; a worldwide community with millions of entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives. Depop users can sell anything ranging from clothes, jewellery and collectables to art, furniture and homeware.

This app is really simple to use and you can take photos using filters to jazz up your products. It has a feel of Instagram and Ebay combined, where you can search for products through using hashtags and you can also follow your favourite sellers too!

Event Stalls and Competition

We held a huge competition give away where guests had the chance to win some goodies from the talented bunch of independent creative women from Liverpool who had stalls at the event. Please see some details of the lovely ladies work below and keep on reading to see who has won the prizes!!
Sarah Illustration

Liverpool based illustrator Sarah McKevitt works full time specialising in quirky greeting cards and Prints. She also creates wedding stationary and is enjoying experimenting and dabbling with new materials. She takes a range of personal commissions and likes a challenge.

Depop: @sarahmckevitt

Little Beth Illustration

Beth Walker is a freelance artist specialising in cute cartoon fashion inspired sketches adapted to suit many bridesmaid gifts, baby shower cards, announcements...any occasion is considered.

Depop: @littlebef
Bare Silver
Bare Silver was founded by Robyn Edwards who is a freelance contemporary jewellery designer who also sells lovely leather bags. She hand knits bespoke jewellery and bracelets from materials she discovered whilst travelling the world.

Jazz Stan Art

Liverpool based artist Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley, AKA Jazz Stan, works in a mix of media in a diverse range of styles and sizes depending on the client's tastes.

Fusing traditional fine art techniques and modern street art styles usually combining bold colours, angular structures, typography and striking imagery.

Commissioned works vary from large scale murals to small custom made illustrations in colour schemes and styles catered to the clients preference.

Website:       Instagram: @jazzstanart.                 Twitter: @jazzstanart                              Depop:@jazzstan


Rimrose Studio

Founded by Jenna Hidderley, Rimrose studio is a Liverpool based design studio specialising in custom made 100% wool floppy hats.

Instagram @rimrosestudio

Depop @rimrosestudio



Natalie Holden Interiors - Little One's Blog

I am a qualified interior designer with 5 years experience in the furniture industry. I have my own interiors and travel blog giving advice and inspiration to new homeowners. I also upcycle tired vintage furniture by transforming it into something unique, colourful and stylish. Recently I have started a Youtube channel and also making my own affordable homeware products too!

Depop: @natholden87

Twitter: @N_H_Interiors

Instagram: N_H_Interiors

Website & Blog:

Youtube: Natalie Holden Interiors




Mister Miyagi Meal for 2 :  Lady_Laidlaw_

Little Beth Illustration Print: Serena Dawar

Sarah Illustration Print: Aleshia Thomas

Natalie Holden Interior's Mirror: Agent Blue Bell

Bare Silver Leather Bag: Angela Walker

Rimrose Studio Hat: Debra33683134

Depop Illustrated Tote Bag: The Hanger Uk

Well done to all the winners! We will be in touch personally to arrange giving you your prize 🙂

My blog has also been nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year and I'm in the 'Best Design Inspiration' category which has ALOT of stiff competition!! If my blog posts have inspired you then please do vote for me by clicking on the badge below 🙂


Natalie x

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