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This week's blog is focused on sharing news about my new shop. I've been meaning to start an online shop for a very long time and have never got round to doing it! Life just gets in the way, especially when you have a full time job to do as well.  My  interiors shop is on Depop so go and download the app and have a nose at what I do! My username is 'natholden87' and I'm selling a mixture of upcycled furniture, homeware and hand-made gifts. My ethos is to try and make things that are as eco-friendly as possible, whether it be to decorate the products with eco-friendly materials or upcycle old items into something new to breathe new life into it.

If you don't know what upcycling is then a good definition is below...

verb (used with object), upcycled, upcycling.
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original:
I upcycled a stained tablecloth into curtains.
verb (used without object), upcycled, upcycling.
to process goods or material in this way.

If you follow my blog then you will notice that quite a lot of the little home projects I do are upcycled, such as my living room curtains, my living room footstool, my office chair, my cloakroom mirror and my kitchen sideboard! I'm really proud of the things I have transformed because some look brand new and others have a real vintage look that have been given a modern twist.

You may think...why would I want to buy something old when I can buy something nice and new?!

Well my answer to that question is that Britons throw away more than 300,000 tonnes of re-usable furniture every year. A lot of this unwanted furniture goes to landfill which is detrimental to the environment. The fact is a large proportion of the items thrown away, could be re-used, restored and revamped into something that is just as good as new , if not better.  I think we have become quite lazy as a nation when we know it's much easier to throw away and buy something new rather than fix it.

A lot of worn older furniture is actually much better quality than some of the mass produced affordable furniture items that you can find on the high street. My goal is to source these lovely pieces that have a story and transform them into luxury, unique items to give them a new home!

I think we all need to start being a bit more unique with our interior instead of following trends. I am aiming to create unique, beautiful one off pieces or bespoke items that feel personal to each individual. I really hope you like my products available for sale!

I loved organising the Depop event a couple of weeks ago and I'm hoping to organise more pop up events throughout the year. Me and Sarah are hoping to do another one prior to Christmas. Fingers crossed that I have the time as it's getting rather hectic now with a dog, a wedding to plan, a blog, a full time job and a small business on the side!! Eek

Find out more about my shop here

I'd love for you to answer the following questions below to help me develop my products!!

  • What are your favourite items?
  • What are you struggling to find in high street stores, but would love for me to make?
  • Would you buy an upcycled/hand-made home product from just seeing it online, or would you rather see it in person?

I  appreciate any comments/ feedback below 🙂

My blog has also been nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year and I'm in the 'Best Design Inspiration' category which has ALOT of stiff competition!! If my blog posts have inspired you then please do vote for me by clicking on the badge below 🙂


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