It’s An Exciting Time!!

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I have lots of exciting things happening at the moment with my blog and my online shop so this post is really just to give you some updates!!


Firstly I'll start with the Amara Interior Blog Awards. My blog has been nominated in the 'Best Design Inspiration' category in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year and the voting stage ends on Sept 9th. I'd be so so grateful if you can take a spare moment to share this post and vote for my blog 😀

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Puppy Bore 

As you probably know I've also been busy busy busy lately settling in my new pup Theo, so I haven't been posting on my blog as regularly as I'd like this month, although my instagram has been completely taken over with dog photos... sorry! If you are a dog bore like me then follow my instagram!


Shop Success

I am also proud to say that I've completed my first two homeware sales on my Depop shop woohoo!! I've sold my first ever home made letter commission as well as my copper decorated clock :D. If you haven't got Depop yet then go and download the app because it's so easy to buy and sell when you make an account. My account name is natholden87

I make customised letters for your home, student apartment or as a house warming/baby shower gift. I also have other unique upcycled bits and bobs on there and I'm hoping to get some more items completed this weekend :D.


I've recently been contacted by a big furniture group that is launching a new brand very very soon and I'm really excited to tell you all about it because it's amazing. I will be revealing more info this weekend and I am pretty sure you are going to love it too! Stay tuned :D.


I'm having such a battle at the moment with trying to save for my wedding and I'm being tempted all the time by lovely home products that I see when researching interior stuff online. I have so many things I want to do with the house but it will have to wait as I really do need to prioritise saving for the wedding instead : / . Once the Wedding is out the way our next big project will be to convert the garage. See my plans here in my recent blog post 'Garage Goals'!

I will probably do some blog updates on wedding decor once the wedding is out the way because I will be styling the venue myself to save on money. I'm really excited to get creative and I've been looking at lots of inspiration for DIY weddings lately. It's a whole year away but the time will probably fly because it was a whole year ago since we got engaged and that has gone by in a flash!! The next thing to tackle on my to do list is to sort out the wedding invitations.

Wedding Theme 2

This was just a bit of an update blog to let you know what I'm up to at the moment, because I've neglected it a little, but do stay tuned because I have lots of blog related things planned soon with lots of home inspiration!!!!!

Aside from my blog I do have other social media channels such as my instagram, twitter, fb and pinterest where I will often post things if I don't do an actual blog post. Do follow me on my other channels if you like what I do.

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