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Interior Colour Trends

I'm not normally an advocate for following trends because I like to design my home interior so that the décor is timeless, unique and inspiring. I'd much rather be a Sheppard than a sheep anyway! Decorating your home can be an expensive job and it's simply unaffordable for most people to keep chopping and changing your home throughout the year to keep up with the latest trends.

Despite having an aversion to trends, I understand it can be difficult to avoid them because every home and interior shop will have a collection that generally follows the latest style or theme.

Millennial Pinks & Grown-Up Greens

According to Murals Wallpaper, pretty shades of pink with gorgeous green hues are the hottest colour combo of 2017. With Greenery being dubbed the colour of the year, there's now a way to incorporate the trend without overdoing it. Shades of pink contrast and compliment the green perfectly - resulting in a fresh, light and dynamic living space.


It's easy to keep the pink and green shades looking toned and sophisticated with a texture effect wallpaper, or choose a forest wall mural combined with pink furnishings for a timeless take on the trend.



When I attended The Ideal Home Show in London last week,  I noticed that 'greenery' was a re-occurring theme in many of the interior displays, whether it be botanical inspired wallpaper,  living walls, hanging plants or green coloured cushions. In colour psychology, green represents balance, calm and harmony and promotes decisiveness so it's unsurprising why interior experts are encouraging people to use more greenery in their homes and in the workplace.

Nemec Cascade Gardens.png
Nemec Cascade Gardens


Plants and greenery have been proven to provide uplifting and calming effects on people whilst having a positive impact on stress related illnesses. Studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery increases workplace productivity and patient recovery rates in hospitals. - Treebox, Living Walls Solutions

Nemec Living Art
Living Art, Nemec Cascade Gardens


I would love to have something like this is in my home interior  because it really brings a dull room to life. One day I will...once I've sorted myself out in a new place and I'm earning enough money! But first... I'm intending to do some travelling so stay tuned on the blog this summer for some wanderlust adventures.

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