Little One’s Blog : 15 Facts About Me

1.     I have too many ideas and not enough time.

2.     I'm a worrier - I worry about why I worry so much.

3.     I would like to travel more this year. I've literally just booked my first trip of the       year to Bali, where I will be meeting one of my oldest friends in less than 2 weeks. She is currently on a big adventure travelling around Asia!!! EEEK

4.     I like to be spontaneous but don't do it often enough.

5.     I used to be a bit of a geek in school and I had embarrassing glasses.  

6.     I love trying new food and eating out. My favourite restaurants are Mowgli, Mister Miyagi and Maray. They all have a similar theme, they are all situated on Bold Street! I really like the small plate type dishes so you can have a few different things.

 7.     I'm the biggest procrastinator ever but once I get started I find it hard to stop #workaholic

 8.     I can be a bit ditsy but try to pretend I'm not.

 9.     I would like to design and build my own house one day with exposed brick, beams, an open plan kitchen diner and a walk in wardrobe 😍

10.    As I've got older I've learnt that this saying is true "when one door closes, another one opens"

11.    I have a dog called Theo and he is the funniest Cockapoo with a mischievous personality.

12.    I have realised over this past 3 years that I have the best supportive family and friends ❤️

13.    I love being creative and really want to learn professional photography . Need to buy myself a professional camera so I can start using more original content on my blog.

14.    I'm not a morning person and need a minimum of 8 hours sleep in order to function properly

15.    I was born in Malaysia. I used to be embarrassed about being different when I was in school but now I'm proud of my heritage.

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