My Bali Adventure: Part Three – Video!

Video Of My Bali Adventure

I've finally got round to editing all my videos from my Bali trip last month. It took 7 bloody hours but I'm so proud of the finished piece.  This video rounds up all the best things I did in Bali with some great music! I thought I'd choose Martin Jensen's song - Solo Dance for the sound track because he was at the W Hotel two weeks before us and his song goes perfectly.

I really want to start doing more videos so I am going to keep practising. I basically just fiddled around with the program today so I hope it doesn't take as long as 7 hours every time. I filmed this with my GoPro and my phone however I am looking to invest in a better video camera; I had so much fun editing this! It's not bad for my first attempt at iMovie.


My Bali Adventure: Part One - Intro

My Bali Adventure: Part Two - The Best Things To Do In Bali

Coming Soon - My Bali Adventure: Part Four - Q&A With A Backpacker (filmed in the W Hotel)

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