Styling Tips To Sell Your Property Faster

A few weeks ago I helped style a show apartment for a recently launched property development. The two bedroom apartment consisted of an open plan kitchen/dining/living area and two bathrooms (one being an en-suite). Having a property styled well is an important part of the process in selling it successfully.  A professionally designed room and spacial layout can help potential buyers visualise living there as it will look so much more homely and inviting. A design should help people imagine coming home there after a long day in work to kick back and relax! The furnishings and finishing touches can make a huge difference to how a space looks and if done right, it will increase the wow factor and make people excited to live there.


You don't realise how much time, thought and effort goes into getting a property looking its best for prospective customers; it's not a straight forward or easy job I tell you! It took around 10 hours in total to style the apartment with a team of two people and that didn't even include the product sourcing and preparation.

Tips For Selling A Property Faster

It's equally important to treat selling your own home in the same way that a developer would sell a new build. You  are in competition with so many beautiful new build developments, which have a perfectly designed interior and an older property can often look less apealing if it needs a bit of work doing. If you don't prepare your property and de-clutter prior to the estate agent taking photos, it could put people off requesting to view your home and viewings are essential if you want to sell it!

The agents photos are the initial tool you have to showcase your home and attract buyers to make an appointment. The photos are the first thing people see, so if the photos look poor quality, you will probably get less interest. If I were you I'd make sure the agent you are selling your home with has the facility to take professional photos, but most importantly you need to do the preparation work before they come, because they can't work miracles. Here are some tips for how you can prepare your home before you put it up for sale on the property market:-

  • De-Clutter - use selling your home as an opportunity to start sorting out everything that you don't need prior to moving. Throw away things you haven't used in 6 months or sell things on Ebay/Gumtree. No-one likes the look of mess everywhere or rooms filled with too much furniture. Simplicity is key!
  • Flowers - Flowers make a room look much nicer. Make sure you have fresh flowers in your photos or for viewings. Flowers in the centre of a dining table or window sill can lift a room by adding a burst of colour.
  • Touch Ups - Tiny things can put people off buying a house. Something as simple as a skirting board that has been chipped can be the deciding factor in buying one property over another. Sometimes things that may not bother you, will actually really annoy somebody else so if people can see in your photos that there is a bit of work that needs doing, they may not bother viewing. People often want convenience as moving house is stressful enough anyway, so if you can do any touch ups or small works prior to selling, it will be better for you in the long run if it sells faster. People will also use work that needs to be done as a way to negotiate the price down.
  • Locate receipts for any work that you have carried out on your home. Buyers will always try to negotiate the price down and if you can justify what you have spent, you will have a bit more power.
  • Lighting - Timing is key for getting the best lighting in your photos. Depending on what direction your house faces, it can really effect how each room looks at different times of the day. If you have a North facing front room, for example, it won't get as much sunlight as the back of your house. Getting as much natural lighting in your photos can make a huge difference, but if you can't take advantage of the natural light, it's essential to make use of your table lamps, ceiling lights and candles to give the room some nice ambience.

I hope these tips have helped you if you are looking to sell your property.

Here are the professional photos of the property I styled a couple of weeks ago! Tell me...does this help you imagine living there?






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