London Design Festival 2017: Top 10 Finds

London Design Festival has so much to see that it's physically impossible to visit everything unless you go for a full week! In my flying visit to London, I had the big challenge of squeezing in as many things as I could within a two-day period. I decided to visit Decorex International to see some luxury interior products on the first day and on the second we had a quick explore around Camden Markets, Box Park in Shoreditch and then London Design Fair. If you've never been to Box Park I'd highly recommend a visit as it's such an interesting concept!

Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall – fusing the concepts of modern street food and placing local and global brands side by side to create a unique shopping and dining destination. Entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers, Boxpark showcases a unique position in being able to offer affordable and flexible leases for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and galleries to trade and succeed.

Photo Credit: Box Park Website (Decorum Shop)

As usual I like to keep an eye out for a mixture of unique products and design with an eco focus; I found some amazing things this year and it was so hard narrowing them down.  Here are my top finds in no order of preference.

Mizzi Studio: Awkward Table

It's ironic that I experienced the most awkward moment ever whilst discovering the Awkward Table at Decorex International. I spent 10 minutes taking photos of the bar stools and then I realised the stand was actually to showcase the table 🤣🙄. I do apologise if you are reading this Jonathan... I'm just loving green velvet at the moment.

This table is actually an amazing piece of engineering too and I was fascinated by the concept once I actually took a moment to observe the table in more detail. The fluidity of the design looked so complex and I thought it was a really interesting design. The ‘Awkward Series’ is inspired by and takes its’ name, from the unnatural yet elegant Bikram yoga pose.

London-based Maltese designer Jonathan Mizzi, Founder of Mizzi Studio is best known for critically acclaimed interior and architectural projects spanning high-end design, architecture and art.


 Corrie Williamson

These hanging mobile sculptures are a beautiful feature for any room and would look great in a home with a high ceiling to create a vertical layered effect. Rather than selecting ornaments to sit on a shelf or side board, I thought these mobiles were really unique and a different way of adding interest into a room. The mix of geometric shapes, sustainably sourced sycamore wood and brass create a lovely contrast of shapes and textures. The obvious choice would be to use above a baby's cot, but why not use one of these above a dining table or to hang above a coffee table? Sometimes a feature light isn't always necessary to be hung from the ceiling if you have recessed lights or wall lights.

Thermo Lamp

Thermo Lamp is a new brand which offers innovative LED light bulbs which have most of the characteristics of classic incandescent bulbs with a fraction of the power consumption and lasting over 15 to 20 times that of regular incandescent light bulbs. This young company offers a range of LED light bulbs to substitute incandescent light bulbs yet still offering a similar design with warm light colour but with fully dimmable and 360º light angle. For the designers, it was just as important for the product to be environmentally friendly by reducing power consumption, prolonging the longevity of the light bulb and eliminating the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals (most CFL use mercury).

Nude Glass

Nude Glass have an amazing range of simple yet playful glassware.  The idea of 'Simplicity' is the guiding principle behind everything Nude and is reflected in their mindset and their culture. Nude believes less is more and form works best when it meets function. The result is their promise reflected in glass. I was immediately drawn over to this stand because I love coloured glass, and they have some really unique glasses and jugs with fun designs. These beautiful items would make great gifts or to treat yourself as a special set for use whilst entertaining.

Photo Credit: Nude Glass, Parrot by Tomas Kral


This Dutch brand embodies a quirky and fun personality with each item being original, produced sustainably, and made of first-class material. I really loved the mix of wood and bright colours within the furniture collection, with a unique selection of home accessories ranging from place mats, glasses, mirrors, clocks and candle holders.



David Hunt Lighting

David Hunt Lighting have a gorgeous selection of unique lighting with an added bespoke service that allows you to tailor any of the lighting to your design concept. Located in the Cotswalds, this company was established over 100 years ago and is one of the oldest lighting designers still around today. I discovered this brand at Decorex and was drawn over by an amazing green chandelier that popped against a bright pink wall.



Silvan Floors

Silvan floors are a British manufacturer based in Leicestershire, with a striking range of handcrafted timber flooring. Their motto is "where heritage meets passion" and it was really interesting to find out about the process behind creating these timber boards. This flooring stood out to me due to the sheer width of the planks and the enormous selection of wood stains. I've never seen so many different shades of grey before in my life! The colour can also be tailored to your needs if none of the ones in their standard selection are quite right for your project.


Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton are a design duo who create unique and quirky products for your home. I was really intrigued by the unusual vases, wall plant holders and 'hand job' wall hooks in lots of different colours. It's well worth a look if you are interested in products that are a little bit different to the norm with a fun personality.

Weaver Green

Weaver Green make beautiful, soft, handwoven indoor and outdoor rugs and textiles from yarn spun entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

With over 30 billion plastic bottles finding their way into our seas each year and over 90% of all marine birds having plastic deposits in their stomachs, they felt it important to look at creative and useful ways of recycling plastic bottles and making them into valuable and beautiful additions to our homes. The range of environmentally friendly Weaver Green rugs look and feel like wool, but contain between 50 and 750 recycled plastic bottles each.


Feldspar - Objects For Life

Feldspar have a beautiful homeware range with an emphasis on timeless design and quality. I'm loving products with gold detail on them at the moment so it's no surprise that I loved this range. I really liked the fluid and uneven texture of the cups and vases; it's nice to see something that celebrates imperfection.



I would love to know which ones are your favourite so please comment and share if you like this post.

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