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Six months ago I ventured to the other side of the world on a spontaneous trip to visit one of my oldest friends Laura. With two weeks notice I set off on an exciting 18 hour journey to Bali, Indonesia with no plan and no idea of where I was staying. All I knew is that Laura and Emma would be waiting (welcome sign in hand might I add) to greet me at the other side. It was nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time!

Laura quit her job last year to embark on an 18 month adventure, travelling around South East Asia and Australia. Despite having a rewarding career and prospects ahead of her, she still felt restless and frustrated that her dream of travelling the world still hadn't come to fruition. After a year of meticulous saving she decided to quit her job and turn her dreams into reality!

Whilst I was in Bali we explored a variety of hotels, including the amazing W Hotel in Seminyak. You can find this luxury hotel chain in 25 countries across the world and in some of the most desirable destinations like Barcelona, New York and Hong Kong. If you are into design and music then this hotel is a must visit...even if it's to stay just for one night like we did. The design concept of this hotel was fascinating with each feature being inspired by traditional Balinese culture.

I decided to film a Q&A with Laura whilst in these beautiful surroundings to find out about her insightful experience as a back packer and I finally attempted to edit it last night!



Bamboo Arrival.jpg
Photo Credit: W Hotel. Bamboo arrival
Photo Credit: W hotel. The island of the Gods is known for its countless temples. As evident in the shape of lighting throughout the hotel, this pays homage to the many Balinese temples on the island.

Ice Garden - Event Space at Ice Bar.jpg

WET - Outdoor Swimming Pool.jpg
Photo Credit: W Hotel. WET ( Pool) resembles beautiful and distinguished shape of Balinese rice paddies or more particularly, the Subak, a traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system.
Photo Credit: W Hotel. FIRE Restaurant design is inspired after famous Balinese Traditional Kecak Dance. The lamp in the center represents the fire itself while the tube-shaped lamps surrounding it represents the dancers. Expect to find checkered touches that represents the dancers' sarong.
Starfish Bloo - landscape
Photo Credit: W Hotel. Inspired by traditional lobster cages, the restaurant embodies a true seaside experience with oversized "cages" for cozy seating.

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