Why I’m Falling Behind On My Blog

I've not been able to give my blog my full attention this past month and it's really frustrating me. A few things have been to blame but that's life, you can't do everything at once!

One of the main reasons why is because October and November are historically the busiest months of the year in my job. Yes... I actually have a full-time job as well and at this time of the year it eats into my own time quite a bit too. I work in publishing and events in both the property and education sector; it's an exciting and fast paced job and can also be very tiring when you're working long hours around awards season.

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When I was chatting with an acquaintance the other day, my day job came into the conversation; they couldn't believe it and actually thought my blog and my interior design work was my full-time job. It was a nice complement to receive and something I'd like to be a reality one day but at the moment it's not sustainable full-time work for me.

The other reason why I'm falling behind is that I have a new project that has been taking up pretty much all of my spare time! I've been working on a new residential project in the back-ground and it's been quite a challenge to say the least due to budget restraints. I've really enjoyed the problem solving and I can't wait to share more on my blog once everything in the design gets finalised and the work begins.

So there you go. That is why I've been a bit absent on my blog lately. Now that I've got all my big work events out the way, I have so much more time to focus on my blog. I have some great plans for new content including an article and design review about an innovative new interiors product on the market so stay tuned.

I also have a task this evening of convincing my client to let me blog about their home project and do a little interview with them. Hopefully I will have lots of great content to share soon about an actual real life project!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me at this very busy time!

Natalie x

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