Baltic Triangle New Discoveries

The Baltic Triangle is one of my favourite areas of Liverpool; a hive of creative businesses, unique bars, quirky eateries and urban venues. This up and coming part of the city is home to many digital start-ups, artists, students and other creative folk and has a real community vibe with plenty to see and do for the design enthusiast. I'd certainly recommend a visit if you haven't done so already.

It's amazing how fast this area is transforming with new venues and cool spaces popping up left, right and centre. With an industrial vibe, it has a feel very similar to Brick Lane in East London and its surrounding streets with a mix of colourful street art and warehouse architecture.

I had a chance to explore this part of the city not too long ago when I visited Emily Bartlett's studio in Northern Lights and discovered a couple of new places I've never seen before.

Redbrick Vintage

Redbrick Vintage is a hidden gem situated in the Courtyard of Cain's Brewery. A wooden door leads you to another world; an unexpected warehouse full of vintage items, antique furniture, salvaged goods and upcycled pieces for your home. I couldn't believe how big this place was inside! If you're looking for quirky one-off items for your home then this is a perfect place to explore.

Strung together a mixture of lamps 👌🏻🎸✨

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ON AIR Liverpool

ONAIR Liverpool is a brand new, unique venue with music, street food and cocktails. It takes guests on a tour of a film set, with an impressive stage for live music and a festival feel, set in an old town square. This movie inspired venue only opened on Friday and I can't wait to visit!

Photo Credit: The Cheap Thrills


Hinterlands is a brand new events venue that recently opened earlier this month, created by the founders of Constellations. This venue is for those who are looking for something a little more unusual and from location to design, they have built a space that is flexible, functional and versatile.

Photo Credit: Hinterlands

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  1. I love seeing non-touristy posts like this. These are the kinds of places I would want to check out when I am visiting another country!

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