Getting Inspired Part Two: Berlin And Leaving Things To Chance

If you're a design lover and you want to visit some great design-led places in Berlin, you have come to the right place! If you prefer to plan an itinerary, then this blog features some pretty cool places that I discovered, however I really would recommend leaving things to chance for one day just to try it. Here is my experience...

The day after I got back from London I flew out to Berlin the following day. It was chaotic having to re-pack and make sure I had everything I needed for the week ahead but I was really excited to see my handsome man, who is currently living there. Long distance relationships are hard but it's worth the sacrifice to have new adventures and experiences that you would never normally have.

Holiday stress

Flying always seems to make me anxious and I don't know why! It's not the actual plane journey that stresses me out, but the packing and worry that I will forget something, so I end up triple checking everything and packing way too much. This pre-holiday worry seems to trigger strange re-occuring nightmares in the lead up, which are often related to bikinis; forgetting to pack them, losing them and having to wear granny knickers on the beach as a result! I really don't know why, but the brain does work in strange ways!

This time round I didn't need to worry about bikini's thankfully, in fact I didn't even have the time to worry because I've been so busy with design projects (more on that in another blog). One thing I did manage to do was pack way too much. Why I felt the need to fill a full suitcase and carry on case, I really do not know! I suppose it's that time of year when you don't know if it's going to chuck it down or have a heat wave, so I packed for both scenarios. Plus, I didn't predict the struggle I was going to experience of getting from A to B, alone with two suitcases and no lifts!  Berlin seems to have no lifts anywhere; not in train stations or five-story apartment blocks, so can you imagine the sweaty struggle?!

Leaving things to chance

I decided to fly Wednesday to Wednesday so that the flights were cheap and I planned to do a little work whilst he was also in work... but of course that didn't end up happening. The 27 degree heat managed to convince me that I was on holiday and I should actually give myself a well deserved break. So I went exploring instead!

Whilst Toby was working in the day, I spent two days wandering the streets of Berlin on my own and it was great! I spent one day sitting in the park and the other day getting lost as per usual.

I decided to leave things to chance and just get on the U-Bahn and see where I end up. It's quite a liberating feeling not planning your day, as you come across so many interesting things that you may never have seen otherwise.

Switching off and looking up!

In the past, when planning a day on holiday, I've been manipulated by social media and google when choosing things to do. The downside of this approach is that google and social media doesn't always show you the best things due to the algorithms, but they show you the things influenced by paid advertising.


Those unique hidden gems and quirky places you may find you love, often don't pay for advertising and the result is that you spend your holiday visiting all those big commercial attractions found via google.

I didn't want to do this so I rebelled from being influenced by the internet and decided to carry out an experiment. I left my phone in my bag, disconnected from social media and left things to chance. It was the best decision ever because I discovered so many amazing things and I found that I paid attention to my surroundings more, resulting in lots more photos and memories. When we are glued to our phones, we miss so much, so my motto of this trip is to look up! Look up at the pretty buildings, look up at the sky, look around at nature and take everything in around you because it feels good and makes you feel so inspired.

Here are some photos of the things I encountered whilst leaving things to chance and looking up. The first lot of photos are from exploring East Berlin. I stumbled across this cool urban night life destination, full of warehouse type clubs and bars covered in colourful graffiti. You can see where The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool got it's inspiration from!

Within this area was an art gallery called Urban Spree with walls lined in graffiti art by a graffiti team called 1 UP.












For the second part of the day I took the U-Bahn to Oranienburger Tor and explored this part of the city. I was pleasantly surprised as the streets were full of lovely home shops, where I spent ages browsing the beautiful displays and taking lots of photos for inspiration. Two shops stood out to me; one called Kahla which is a German brand full of pretty porcelain and the other called Bolia, which was bursting with perfectly executed displays of Scandinavian furniture.

Kahla displays
Pretty porcelain plates - Kahla
Kahla displays

Now Bolia has to be the most AMAZING home shop I've ever been in and it made me want to live in the actual shop. From the moment you enter the store, every one of your senses are stimulated and my eyes were darting everywhere. Each corner was filled with perfectly styled room sets full of texture, colour and soft lighting with a fresh fragrance filtering the air.

Bolia detail
Amazing displays in Bolia
Perfectly styled room sets - Bolia


I didn't want to leave this place and I very nearly considered just hiding in the corner so I could stay the night! But then I gave myself a slap across the face and had a quiet word with myself because that wouldn't be a very good idea seen as I'm supposed to be spending quality time with my boyfriend.

Joking aside... why don't you try leaving things to chance on one of your days on holiday and just see where you end up. I challenge you to it 🙂

I'd love to hear any stories of your adventures. Are you able to go with the flow and not plan or are you super structured with an itinerary for every 5 minutes of each day? Personally I like to go with the flow because I just think, where is the fun in regimented holidays?! My life is regimented enough.

Natalie x

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8 thoughts on “Getting Inspired Part Two: Berlin And Leaving Things To Chance

  1. I normally like to plan ahead of what I’m doing but sometimes I go with the flow and end up having a better time lol

  2. I totally agree. I like to have a vague plan so I don’t miss certain things but wandering the streets and discovering new things is the best. In Cuba we randomly borrows some farm house and went trekking through the jungle ending up in a strangers house having coffee to shelter from a thunderstorm! Never been to to Berlin but loving all the graffiti! X

  3. I simply adore Berlin – its not that far from my place of birth and i am all in for not olanned get up and explore “holliday” x

  4. I have to say I prefer graffiti art prints over actual graffiti on the streets. The shop Bolia looked pretty fab. Great to see the places you visited. Berlin is one of the cities I have not visited yet!

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