Interior Design Tips To Improve Balance And Wellbeing

Life can get pretty chaotic sometimes and often you find yourself focusing too much of your time and energy into one area of life but then neglecting the others that are just as important. I know I'm guilty of it sometimes.

I'm forever striving to achieve a sense of balance, however I do admit that I find it challenging at times. It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race and neglect your health and wellbeing.

There are so many variables involved in your overall happiness, however one element that contributes is the environment you live and work in. The interior decor of your home can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and provide you with a space to relax or spend quality time with the people that matter, resulting in a much more balanced life.

I, along with a few other interior experts and bloggers would like to share some tips on how you can create a happier home. Try implementing these things into your rooms and you should start to gradually see the positive effect!

Bring nature indoors

Interior decor using oversized plants to connect with the outdoor space. Image source: Adore Magazine

I always try to incorporate greenery into my interior design projects because being surrounded by nature has a host of benefits and if you don't get the opportunity to get outside as much as you'd like, why not bring nature indoors? Plants have a calming effect by lowering blood pressure and purifying the air which results in reduced stress, more productivity and less illness. This example showcases how oversized plants give a double height space texture, balance and colour, connecting the apex to the rest of the space beneath.

- Natalie Holden, Interior Designer focused on creating unique and stylish interiors with personality, colour and functionality

Introduce more natural light

Interior showcasing mirrors at work, reflecting light to increase the amount of natural light in a space. Photo credit: Mary Middleton

We spend 90% of our life indoors, so it’s not surprising that light is one of the most important factors for wellbeing in most homes. I particularly crave it, as I live in a Victorian Terrace, which are notoriously dark spaces. Our bodies follow circadian rhythms that indicate to our bodies when to sleep, rise and eat all instructed by sunlight and temperature. Plus to keep us sane and healthy we need daily doses of Vitamin D. Throwing open the curtains (and windows!), installing large bi-fold doors and skylights all make our spaces more inviting when bathed in lots of natural light.

- Mary Middleton from Hello Peagreen, Interiors and Travel Blogger

Incorporate wood

Royal System Shelving Poul Cadovius Midcentury Modern 3.jpg
Wooden shelving from Juan's home. Photo credit: Juan Sandiego
If you want to create balance in your home, try these simple tips. They're all proven to lower stress and blood pressure. And even lift your mood!
First, add timber elements like wooden trays and furniture. If you have wooden floorboards that’s a welcome bonus.
Then, make the most of your garden/balcony view to enjoy a relaxing moment. Interestingly, a picture of a natural landscape is equally effective.
Finally, scatter plants around the house. And here’s a little secret, studies show faux greenery will also improve your wellbeing. However, only real plants carry air purifying benefits.

- Juan Sandiego from Boreal Abode, Interiors Blogger

Build your design around your physical and emotional needs

Kids Bed7.jpg
Bedroom design by Smartstyle interiors. Photo credit: Daniela Exley

Wellness has become the big buzz word behind everything at the moment, so it isn’t much of a surprise that we should start thinking about how the design of our homes and work spaces affect our health and wellbeing. You can’t see “Wellness design” in a photo but you can feel “Wellness design” when you use a room. If you are starting a design and want wellness to be a key factor you have to start by thinking “What do people physically and emotional need to thrive?” then build your design round those facts.  Lets say you are someone who is struggling to sleep, then you need to look at the process our bodies goes through to help that happen. This can be the need to unwind and relax, dark rooms to help the body shut down, lower temperatures and supportive mattress. These physical needs will push you towards the colours and products you use in the space which will help you create a bedroom that supports your wellbeing.

- Phoebe Oldrey from Smartstyle Interiors, Interior Designer specialising in 'holistic interior design'

Incorporate meaningful art

There is no better feeling than looking at old photographs or stumbling upon images that remind you of a happy memory. By Incorporating meaningful art in your home -- such as framed photographs, postcards or quotes you find inspiring -- you will always be surrounded by positivity and moments that will, well, make you smile! Art in its many forms should have an uplifting and positive effect on you, so make sure that the pieces you select for your home carry meaning.

- Catherine Cornelissen from Decor A List, Founder & Director

Untitled design.png

*Left to right: Inspirational Art, Mirror, Lumie Body Clock, Inspirational Art, Dragon Tree, Inspirational Quote, Dulux Green Paint, Colours Durable Green Paint, Farrow & Ball Blue Paint

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Create a cohesive colour scheme


Ensure there’s a good flow through your home by subtly linking rooms together within a colour palette.  In this hallway, I picked out a soft shade of blue-green in the vintage rug and used it as the wall colour for the room that opens off it.  This ensures the eye can travel around the space freely and makes it feel cohesive, considered and well-balanced; all key elements in a good design scheme

- Kiera Marshall from Dekko Bird,  Interior Designer and Blogger

Use items that connect you with happy memories

kaboompics_Vintage wooden furniture and horse sculptures.jpg
Image source: Kaboom Pics

When it comes to our homes our ultimate goal should be that of creating a sanctuary, a space we can call home. One way of achieving this is by adding pieces that have a personal meaning to you. Make sure that when you look around, you see items that connect you with happy memories. Whether it’s an old chest of drawers passed down by your grandparents or a planter your closest friend bought you - these are the pieces that will bind the rest of your home together while also giving you a sense of belonging and being at home.

- Melinda Kiss, Creative Director at Keyhole Interiors

Colour psychology - think what your favourite colour is and why

Donna Ford Interior Design Books-5-2.jpg
Photo Credit: Donna Ford

For me colour is undeniably linked with happiness and well-being in our homes. This is highly subjective and each one of us will feel at peace and restful with different hues. For me dark greys and blue bring me joy, for another muted greys and whites create home and another might love the brightness of yellow to punctuate a space. The psychology behind all this is hard to completely understand but aside from cultural and historical associations with colour, we are attracted to shades that are meaningful to us and linked to a memory or past experience. Try it yourself - what is your favourite colour and really think how it links to something positive in your past. Then bring more of that into the walls around you to help you relax and find joy every day when you enter that room!

- Donna Ford, Blogger, Photographer and Designer at Skirting Boards And Chandeliers

If you require any help with creating a happier home then why not take advantage of my home consultation service? You can book a 1 or 2 hour consultation and I can give you guidance on creating a more balanced and happier space that is unique to your lifestyle and needs.


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16 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips To Improve Balance And Wellbeing

  1. I love this! Our surroundings actually affect us a lot more than we realised so I think it’s so important to have a living space that is relaxing and can help you to de-stress. Natural light is a must-have factor for me – any dark, dingy rooms can really alter my mood. I also like to have a lot of indoor plants as I feel like they help with my well-being.

  2. You’ve covered everything there is to achieve that healthy balance that we all need to be able to enjoy our homes. Plants are an important part of our home and I even sent my eldest son off with Bob the money plant when he went to live in Bristol so he had some greenery goodness in his home 😉

  3. So many useful tips and pointers here Natalie. Our homes should be a comfortable as we can make them and any changes we can make so that it is “easier” to relax and be content, can only be positive.

  4. i wholeheartedly agree with you posts – for me rooms should be a perfect expression of who we are and not a magazine cut out , i also adore that banana plant ( i think it was ) and i think bringing nature always brings every space to life x

  5. I love this post and something that I really believe that rooms can be for us. I adore that giant plant in the first photo and whole-heartedly agree with all the contributions. Thanks for including me. Well done on a really well curated post x

  6. Such fabulous post and round up! Definitely agree about colours affecting your mood and the whole ambience in the house.. I have definitely noticed a massive change since I painted our bedroom in darker colour!

  7. So many great tips here and so many of them I am already following which gives me a little confidence boost. How I feel about my home definitely has a profound impact on how I feel in life more generally.

  8. These are so useful, and I’m definitely a huge fan of light, bright homes. One of the things that sold our home to me when we bought it was just how light all the rooms and landings etc are, even on a grey winter’s day. Great tips X

  9. live more worry less…. I think I am determined to spend less time online and more time with the family, enjoy my home and garden and all the hard work I have put in it!

    1. you really should! I feel like I’ve started to re-assess a lot of things this month haha. I definitely need to worry less

      1. Nice work. Please take a look at my blog, Those Inside which has a focus on wellbeing and environment in interior design amongt other things. My environment and wellbeing post is up 🍃

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