A Whirlwind Month: Celebrating Each Tiny Achievement

Where has this past month gone please? Actually let me re-phrase. Where has this past two years gone? I seem to have blinked and we are half way through July 2018. The last time I looked it was April 2016 and it slightly scares me how fast time goes.

I feel like I have so many things that I want to do in life and not enough time to do it all. It does fill me with slight panic! I suppose it's all about prioritising and you have to make some sacrifices in the short term, as well as be patient and grateful for everything you do have. It's so easy to focus too much on all of the things that have gone wrong, the things you haven't done yet or the things you're unable to do and forget about all the positive things that you have actually managed to achieve.

This blog is all about reflecting on all the good things that have happened this past month and I'm going to celebrate each of these tiny achievements tonight with a glass of wine and a greasy takeaway. So here is a news round up of my chaotic month!

New Website Launches This Month

I've been working closely with a website designer to re-design my website and blog. It will be launching at the end of this month. The new design will be much more slick, image led and easier to navigate. I will also have added features linked into my blog so you can shop the looks that I style and photograph!

Amara Blog Award Nomination

I received a lovely e-mail this month from the team at the Amara Blog Awards to inform me that I've been nominated again this year for 'Best Interior Designer Blog'. This means I've reached the stage where the public can vote and this year they are judging it slightly differently. There is now a points system, so it's not just a popularity vote and the judges will also be giving each nominated blog points that will be combined with the number of votes. The voting stage opens in August!

Concept North Events

Melinda from Keyhole interiors and I have been working very hard for a while on a brand new platform for the design community here up North. We both feel there could be a lot more inspiring events that are actually beneficial to our businesses, so we have decided to do something about it! We really hope you'll be on board and join us on our exciting journey.

We are creating unique events for the design community of the North; to collaborate, inspire and support one another. Our vision is to connect like-minded individuals from both the interiors and property sector. We believe that the creative expansion of the North requires opportunities specially tailored for the innovators, creators and makers so make sure to spread the word and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. More details will be revealed very soon! #whereideasbegin

Concept North-01.jpg

New Project Enquiries

I've started receiving lots of inbound enquiries for new projects, so I've been quite busy with consultations for a variety of interior schemes eg.house extension, bungalow, hotel, show homes and interesting blog projects. It looks like it could be an exciting year! If you would like me to work on a project with you this next three months, please get in touch to book asap as my availability is filling up very quickly.

Styling Feedback

I've been doing a couple of styling projects this month and received a lovely e-mail from a client to say they are really happy with the finished look! This one included wall coverings as well as lighting, homeware, art and furniture selection. It's always so nerve wracking when you have completed a project and aren't sure if they will be happy at the end. Luckily this client was very happy!


Free Advice Drop In Session - Sunday 22nd July

I have a free advice drop in session on Sunday 22nd July at Tusk in the heart of Northern Lights, Cains Brewery, Liverpool.

I will be offering tips on how to create your own interior design brief, to ensure your project is a success. A brief can help you keep on track when making each decision, and can also be given to an interior designer, architect or builder that you are working with, to ensure they have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Complimentary refreshments provided.


I hope the one thing you take from this blog is to celebrate each tiny achievement, no matter how small it is. I hope you all have a great rest of July.

Natalie x

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