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Do you ever find that your best ideas happen when you are least expecting, or when you aren't even trying? For me, those moments tend to happen when I'm relaxing, exploring somewhere new or meeting someone really interesting. An idea tends to spark when I'm not even working and then my mind is consumed with this idea, disrupting whatever else I'm doing at the time!

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Then on the other hand... when I have an important deadline and I'm slogging away at my desk, staring at the same wall, attempting to come up with the most creative design ever, I find myself feeling very uninspired and hitting a creative mental block. If you're a creative person working as a designer, you may find that you relate to this too!

As an independent interior designer, I have times when a creative mental block takes its hold and it can be challenging when you work alone and have no-one to bounce ideas off. I think it's a pretty normal thing to experience but it can so frustrating and stressful at times.

Online support network

Luckily I'm part of a little Instagram group with a community of interior designers and interior bloggers from all over the UK.  It's a place where we support each other, bounce ideas off each other and find inspiration.

Having an online support network is amazing, but it doesn't beat real life connections. The only challenge is, it's much harder to feel part of a community in the North of the UK, when there aren't as many design events happening tailored for people just like us.

Me (Left), Melinda (Right, Keyhole Interiors)

An unexpected coffee turned into a new idea

It just so happened that in our little insta-group, there was another interior designer called Melinda (from Keyhole interiors), who is based in Lancashire. We decided to meet for a coffee in a co-working space in Liverpool and spent a couple of hours chatting about the projects we have, the challenges we are facing and gave each other some much-needed encouragement. This is where our friendship started and in this very meeting is where our idea for Concept North began. It feels very strange to form a friendship in this way, but it's always harder to find new friends as you get older so I'm very thankful for that day! When you meet someone with the same values, goals, passion and drive as you, alot of magic can happen. Very quickly, our ideas have turned into reality and we are really excited to share what we have been planning.


Where ideas begin

Melinda and I have a vision to create a northern design community, where interior designers, bloggers, architects, property developers and interior brands can collaborate and not compete. Networking is so important and I have managed to gain lots of business through networking alone, so I understand the true value of attending events in your industry to help you stay inspired and connected with other people.

We will be holding a series of unique events within inspiring locations in the North of the UK, where you can grow your business or yourself through knowledge, support and building relationships with other like-minded people. We feel proud to be surrounded by so many other talented innovators, creators and makers; we just hope you will want to be part of this community and help us spread the word.

Our dream is that our events will be a place where ideas begin. And we hope they will provide you with a little escape from your normal routine for an idea to spark, just like it did with us.

Concept North Dream Team!

You will find more details about our very first event soon on our newly launched website! What are you waiting for? Go and have a look!

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  1. Huge congratulations lovelies, it’s going to be an exciting journey. P.s. Love your pics, your barely keeping it together which I LOVE

  2. Congrats you guys! What a great idea – I love hearing how exciting ideas are formed and wish all the success in the world (and hope our paths meet one day too!) X

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