6 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer can help you? If so, I've gathered some key questions you should ask yourself and pin-pointed some essential information that will hopefully make things clearer.

Good quality interior design should be seen as an investment rather than an expensive cost, especially since studies have found that the average Brit spends around 90% of the day indoors! A well designed interior has a huge selection of benefits such as improving your quality of life, wellbeing and the experiences you share with your friends and family. Interior design may not even be as expensive as you assume, especially since there are a whole host of design companies offering varied levels of services to suit different budgets.

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Designs by Natalie Holden Interiors

Firstly, lets start off by asking yourself the following questions...

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of choice and struggle with making decisions?

Have you ever felt frazzled from your hectic work/family life and never seem to have the time to focus on renovating your home?

Are you worried about whether the decisions you make are right?

Do you value good design but haven't got the creative skills to pull everything together yourself?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then carry on reading! I understand how hard it is to juggle work and family life; you're often left with minimal time to yourself and you have to make sacrifices. When you're feeling overwhelmed you can often put things off and never get anything finished! If you can relate to these feelings then you should probably enlist some help from an interior designer.

Designed by Natalie Holden Interiors

If you're still unsure then here are 6 ways an interior designer can help you...

Success. No stress

It can be a fun and enjoyable experience, instead of daunting. A qualified professional can give you encouragement, advice and piece of mind, giving you confidence in the choices you're making for your interior design project.

Decisions, decisions!

A designer has the knowledge about the latest trends, products on the market and often has the ability to source alternatives that may be more suited to you and your needs. They can help you narrow down the enormous selection of options to suit your lifestyle and will speed up your decision-making process.

Save money

Due to the vast amount of contacts a designer has, the product knowledge and expertise in managing budgets, they can often help you save money overall by helping you spend your money much more efficiently. Some designers even pass on their trade discounts to the client and the discounts received can equal the cost of the design service!

Avoid costly mistakes

A designer can advise on the right furniture, colour, lighting and finishes to suit the size of your space and lifestyle to ensure you get it right first time.

Tip: Always check access when buying furniture! When I worked in a furniture store a few years back, we had a customer who had to get a crane to lift their sofa into their duplex apartment because they didn't check access was sufficient. It turned out to be a very expensive purchase!

Unbiased opinion

When shopping for products yourself, you can often wonder if the salesperson in the shop is just trying to sell you the most expensive item or whether they have your best interests at heart. An interior designer can help you weigh up all options with an unbiased opinion, so you don't feel pressured into making the wrong choice.

Maximise on space

A qualified design professional has the skills and creativity to help you make the most of your space, such as maximising on storage or spacial layout to ensure your room is functional and in proportion as well as beautiful.

Space planning and furniture sourcing by Natalie Holden Interiors

I offer a flexible interior design service which is tailored to each and every client's needs and budget, whether that just be some colour advice and guidance for a single room or full project management of a whole house project.

I've partnered with Pride Road Architect's and we are offering free design advice at Pop-up in the Palm House on 14th and 15th April. Pop-Up at the Palm House is a twice yearly market event for all things creative including artists, makers and designers from across the North of England to showcase and sell their works. There will be many food and seasonal drinks stalls on offer too along with live music, making the day a fantastic creative event not to be missed!

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