Natalie is an Interior Designer & Blogger who started her career in 2010 after graduating with a first class honours degree in Interior Design. Her passion for being creative began from a very early age and continues to have a strong presence in her life to this day.

Natalie’s mission is to create unique and stylish interiors with personality, colour and functionality. Her goals are to inspire, encourage and educate people to lead a conscious, happy and balanced life through the décor of the spaces they inhabit. She believes our homes should tell the story of who we are and what we love, and works closely with each client to help them discover how to live their best life within the comfort of a well-designed home.

Quality, a personal and friendly service, collaboration, sustainability and flexibility are key things that are important to Natalie when working with her clients.


Over the past eight years Natalie has gained experience as an in-house designer for luxury furniture companies in both the residential and commercial sector, working on a variety of different sized properties ranging from show homes and small city centre apartments right through to office schemes for the public sector and multi-million pound houses for high profile clients.

In 2012 Natalie launched a blog; a creative hub to share her passions of unique design, art, interior design, architecture and travel. She also uses this platform to help her achieve her mission and goals. In 2017, Natalie’s blog was shortlisted as ‘Best Interior Designer Blog’ in the Amara Interior Blog Awards, out of 800 blogs from around the world.

During a short break from interior design,  Natalie fell into a job working in publishing and sponsored events for the property sector, whilst blogging and starting her own business on the side. In 2018 she decided to focus solely on her own ventures, combining all of her passions and skills together.